update about my yesstyle sponsorship

hi everyone! who reads my blog ^^

i just wanted to give an update about my youtube video's... have anyone seen my yesstyle review video? i want everyone to know, that i really paid for the stuff in that video, and it was an honest review of mine... i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea...

because here's the news... i'm being sponsored by yeststyle now... the thing is... i accepted this sponsorship because i really like the clothing they sell... and this would actually benefit my channel... i get to choose what i get from them, so i have more stuff to play and experiment with... which i can make more video's of...

i will only make 2 yesstyle sponsored video's in a month, all the others will be just the video's i normally make ^^

all the video's i'm going to make will not change in style or honesty... i will still tell if i don't like anything... the only difference is, is that there will be a yesstyle logo at the beginning of every yesstyle sponsored video with the link of the website in the info box... and i will probably mention about yesstyle if i'm wearing any provided clothing at the end of every video... please don't let that bother you...

i'm writing this post because i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea... i've never intended to make anything out of my youtube video's... i am just doing everything for fun... it's something i enjoy doing... that is something that definitely will not change, and i hope your opinion about me and my video's will not change too... ^^

thanks everyone! remember that you're the ones that keep my channel running... and that's all that counts ^^

my first 2 sponsored video's:

diy: simple vest 2

random: ootd & skinny jeans


x.keLvin.x said...

Hey Jen, don't worry we won't misjudge you or anything (or at least I wouldn't :P) You're still the Jen we love. =)

denise said...

i really like yesstyle :)
and im happy for you that you got sponsered!