received zipia order (1)

i received the skirt while i was staying in hong kong... my boyfriend told me, that he received a package on my name, so i was a bit excited, and asked him to open it for me... because i was actually expecting two orders... one is this skirt, and second, i was waiting for my shiseido black masks :P

but anyways, when he opened the package... he told me... what the heck is this?! some six years old skirt? it's so tiny, you would never fit in this... at that point, i was a little bit disapointed... :x

but when i reached home... i actually saw what he meant... the waistband is so small, but i insisted on trying it... i'm actually glad i did, because the waistband was uber strechy!! and i could fit in it... who could have thought, i could actually fit in a skirt with a 25cm wide waistband :o