just a few days away... ^^

2010 in pictures... always fun to look back... a lot of first times/things XD

let's look back on youtube 2010 too :)

i know i am making less video's lately... but that is because i'm a working "ol" (office lady, haha)... i've tried my best to make more this month, to make it up to you... hope you enjoyed them... i've made like 50+ videos this year, which is more than in 2009 ^^ and i gained so many subscribers this year... thank you... (also to my older subscribers <3)

i'm really overjoyed with what i have reached this year... thanks to everyone in my life... ^^ i'm happy to be able to hold my very first giveaway... hope you all liked it... if everything continue going upwards, i will hold more... :)

errrmmm... what else? more random bla... feel free skip it if you're not interested... ^^

i have rediscovered something... toesocks!! they are hideously colorful, but cute at the same time... not thick, yet nice and warm... i remember getting my first pair from a friend when i was +/-15... and my mom bought me more over the years... but i haven't really been wearing them... but they are perfect for in winter boots!! i was trying out different socks... and so far... the toesocks are perfect for my hunter boots ^^

talking about my hunter boots... i have been wearing them everyday since the day i got them... cause we are still having snow... can't wait till we have better weather... i really want to wear my all stars and heels again... :X

And... hmmm what else... other thing that i have been using since the day i got it... my legend by petrol bag!! i'm loving it so much... it's a perfect casual everyday bag... and i want to get another one... the same one in taupe (love the color, but maybe not my color... it looked grey, the first time i saw it.. :X)... or should i just get a black one again, but with silver and golden round studs on the sides... hard to choose... :X

btw... i thought i had spend too much money this month (see my previous posts)... but actually it's not as much as i've thought... (i always do a monthly check on how much i've spend...) but that's probably because i didn't went sale shopping... haven't really successfully shopped since my last shopping date got cancelled... i really feel like shopping...(maybe tomorrow? XD)

well that's it ^^ i have nothing much to say anymore... hope you all had a nice christmas... and wish you a happy, safe and sparkling new year!!

i'm not a drinker, but i got this bottle from work as a ny-gift... hope to pop it on nye...


most boring weekend of 2010!!

i haven't had a boring weekend in such a long time… and i can definitely call this the most boring weekend of 2010, because the next weekend is xmas, now that can't be boring… and the weekend after is 2011 already!!

the weather went bad on friday… it snowed like crazy… and that's the cause of my boring weekend… i couldn't meet up with my bf on friday, because it was too slippery for the busses to ride… my shopping date got cancelled, because she couldn't go home friday, so she had to stay with her colleague, and decided to work on saterday too… i had planned to catch a movie today, but didn't go through it, also because of the weather… sigh… :x

this weekend might be boring, but i can't really complain, my 2010 is wonderful!! many things lost, yet many things gained… (in no particular order)… i've moved back home to amsterdam… met my current bf… found a job… still having the job… loving the job… having nice colleagues… loving my family… loving my bf… discover more/new things i like… experience new things… got my first tattoo... went to my very first (awesome) concert (<3 a7x)... making my own money… saving money… spending my own money… i'm learning so much… wow… i can go on and on with all the good stuff that happened to me… hope 2011 will be just as great… or even better ^^

because of my great 2010… i don't have many things i would like to change… maybe try to save more money… though i've allready saved 45% of the money that i've made the past 6 months ^^ yeay… i've never managed to save that much… (hope to be able to save at least 50% in 2011!!)… what are your new year's resolutions?

so in case i don't get to make any video's or type any posts before 2011… i want to wish you a merry christmas… and a happy & save new year… happy holidays <3 (now it's time for me to sleep… goodnight everyone…)

just a picture to finish this post… it's from my "diy: last minute one-time-dress" video… watch it if you haven't yet ^^ xxx


legend by petrol

look what came in today... yes... this is the proof that i couldn't hold myself for spending money... and i probably won't be able to stop till the end of this month... (i think)... the sales just started... and i have a shopping date this saturday XD

anyways... look at the package, it's wrapped so nicely, just like a christmas present...

so i went on hipperz.nl and i saw this awesome leather bag... it's not that big, but also not too small... it looks sturdy enough for me... it's a tote bag, that closes with a zipper... if you wear it with the long strap, the bag will fall folded, which i like sooo much... ^^

they sell it for 10 euro cheaper at mooieriemen.nl, but i ordered at hipperz anyways, because i wanted to pay with paypal... (i love the grey one too -_-)

the shop is ok... there was one thing that i find weird... after you pay with paypal, you will automatically return to the shop... of all the times i have experienced with other shops... you'll end up on a thank you/payment successful screen... instead... i got an error screen... but i'm glad it's just a "cosmetic" error of the check out process... because i've received an email after, confirming my order and payment...

happy sale/december/christmas shopping ^^


asos vs f21 (double cross ring)

i've been obsesses with crosses lately… i've always loved how they looked… (but i never actually wanted to wear those crosses, because i'm not religious...) i just couldn't resist anymore… i should wear anything that i like and express myself, right?!

so… i ordered the double cross ring from asos… in a size small… it's so small that they only fit my left hand… though i would like to wear it on my right hand… so… i ordered a size medium of the f21 crossring… and guess what… it's slightly big :x (i also have a black one coming up in a size m…)

asos double ring

(i hate autocorrect!! i'm sorry… i really needed to say that!!)

the asos ring is shinier… and also darker in color… the f21 looks like sterling silver… which i'm not sure of… though it said so on the ebay page… :p

the sizes of the crosses differs too… the asos one is bigger (4,5x2,8cm) than the f21 one (3,8x2cm)… though the f21 cross is thicker in width than the asos one… and i like how the shorter stripe is thicker than the longer stripe (of the f21 ring)... if that makes sense...

i really can't tell which one i like more… i like the asos one, because it fits right (, though it only fits my left hand)… but i like the fact that, when i'm holding my hands up… the f21 ring is like an upside down cross… instead of an actual cross… ^^

(i have nothing against any religion or what so ever… i'm just expressing what i like about these ring fashion wise...)


hunter boots review

so i ordered the hunter regent savoy wellington boots last friday from asos.com... i didn't had to pay for the shipping, because they are having a worldwide free shipping... so it got shipped the next day, but they stated that there might be a delay, because of the bad weather... surprisingly i received the boots yesterday!

so i wore them today... so while i had them on i had an urge to talk more about them... ^^

first of all... the packaging... it came in a big black shoebox with the hunter logo... inside the box are the shoes and a bag... the boots got some stickers on (like most of the shoes)... and one boot comes with labels attached...

the labels contains information about hunter, background, how to care from them... and about the model:

the regent
built on an equestrian last, the regent carries a flattering silhouette with a slim ankle fit and a sleek leg shape. with linings chosen for comfort and warmth, the Regent is available in a selection of designs and has multi-layer sponge insoles for extra comfort.

and now for the most important thing... the size... i've searched through the net to find anything about the sizing, some said they were one size bigger... and others said they were true to size... i decided to order my own size... just because i thought, if they would be a size bigger, i can wear them with really thick socks... but if i would get a smaller size, i would have to send them back if they wouldn't fit. and i'm glad i ordered my own size, they are pretty true to size... it's true, i can still wear thicker socks than i normally wear... and i can understand why people would say they are bigger... the part of the foot part is pretty high, as you would suspect from rain boots... so that gives yoor feet more space to move... but in fact the length of the sole isn't much bigger than the shoes i own... (hope it made sense... i'm bad at explaining)... so if you're like me and want these boots as winter boots, i would suggest getting your own size...

other than the size of the foot, there is an other concern... the leg of the boot... the leg is pretty slim... but i'm not the skiniest out there... and my calves aren't the thinnest... but i'm lucky that the legs aren't too tight... i can even wear them with jeans and jeggings...

not only the width, but also the height... the height of the leg is pretty high... at least for me... they reach my knee... and i can feel them in the back when i bend my knees all the way... the boots are measured from the back, sole to the top 37/38cm long (excl the "heel")...

also... they said that the ankle part are slim fit too, but to me they actually aren't... i've quite a lot space around my ankle... i find that only the leg part is slim fitted...

one more thing... when i wore them, i felt clumsier than normal... i felt so bouncy as well... i really have to get used to the rubber XD

so... are they worth the money? that you have to decide on your own... and i can't compare them with other rain boots... i didn't own one since i was a kid XD but... i think... for me it is... because we have really bad weather here in the netherlands, and i love the feeling of dry feet when it rains or snows...

today it snowed in the morning on my way to work... and i wasn't afraid of any puddles... my feet were dry... and they stayed dry... ^^

and these boots look stylish, the quilted "embossing" really makes it more chique... i didn't feel like a kid wearing them... and i wore them to work... i do work in an office... so for me, they are for everyday :) (only autumn and winter though... i wouldn't like to wear these on any rainy spring or summer day... they really have this wintery-look...)

hmmm... it's getting late (almost 3AM)... and i don't know what more to write about these lovely-keeping-me-dry-boots... if you have any questions, feel free to ask...


i'm spending too much...

and i need to slow down again... last month i did a great job on holding myself back... but i'm having a harder time this month, and it just started...

i've spend so much on h&m last monday, because of the friends and family sale at h&m... i've also spend some on asos.com (the hunter boots), yesterday... plus, today's damage in hoofddorp... :x it's so hard to resist...

and it just happend that i ended up browsing through ebay... and found this ring :o it's amazing!! i want it so bad, but the shipping is kind of high!! bravely i decided not to get it yet...

i came across this ring too, i find it so funny... rock, paper, scissors!! ok... it's more like scissors, rock and paper... :p (of is het meer, peace, box en hi? XD)

expect a haul video soon ^^ look at today's damage :x

i'll try not to spend money on myself anymore for the rest of this year XD... and i'm talking about clothing, bags, accessories etc. (except for really great deals, like 50% off or more, otherwise i just have to say no, and look for it next month again...)

what do you do when you really want something, yet you don't want to spend any money? (though you do have the money)... hmmm... :x i feel like i deserve a slap on the face -_-


i ordered hunter boots...

some time ago, while the weather here was very rainy, my shoes would get all wet... so i had to sit all day with wet feet at the office... :(

so i went on asos to look for rainboots... my eyes fell on the melissa x vivienne westwood bow rain boots... they are amazingly cute... short boots with a bow on the front... (you probably know by now how much i like bows, right?!)... so when i thought of ordering them, they didn't had my size!! i even checked urban outfitters, and they didn't had it either :x

after that disappointment i went on looking for rainboots, i heard about how great the hunter boots were, but i never gave it much attention, since they didn't look that nice, until i saw the hunter regent savoy wellington boot!!! well actually i saw the normal regent wellington boot on asos first, but i didn't like the big logo/label on the front...

so today... since it's been snowing all week now, i really have the urge to get some rainboots... so i went on asos... and i placed my order... hopefully it doesn't get out of stock and to receive it very soon... i can't wait to have dry feet on wet days... ^^

what do you think of em?

(my bf told me that rainboots are just like uggs, ugly... but at least i'm not going to wear 10 dead bunnies on my feet... i actually really wanted to get the uggs earmuffs, but now that i think again, i don't want to wear 2 dead bunnies on my ears :x)

the from me to you give away winners

thanks to everyone who participated my give away!! i'm going to announce the winners on youtube very soon ^^

i enjoyed reading all the mails... and because of all your feedback, i know somewhat about what you think about my channel and video's... it really helped me out and i'll try to do my best, to keep my videos as best as i can ^^

in this post, besides thanking you all, i would like to answer the questions that has been asked in the entry mails... (the questions might be edited a bit by me...)

can i request diy (tee) tutorials?
ofcourse you can, but i just can't guarantee you that any requested videos will be made, because ie. i don't have any tees lying around... and because i lack time... i've been very busy ever since i started working...

what are you majoring in school, if you are still attending school?
my major is communication and multimedia design... i studied for interaction/concept/functional design... i'm more focused on user centered design...

can you show us things for guys?
i don't have any guy-diy ideas... and i tried to find more guys that would like to participate in my videos, but they are so hard to find... i sometimes, still blog about guys clothing, if that's what you are interested in, i will try to blog more about guys clothing too...

what other stuff can do besides clothes and folding origimi?
hmmm that's a hard question... i'm actually not sure what else i can do... :x

why don't you talk in your videos?
first of all, it's because of my accent, it's probably hard to understand what i'm saying... second, i'm not a very talkative person, i'm more if a silent thinker... and i have a slow reaction... when i think of something to say, it might take up to a few minutes before it actually comes out my mouth... and third... english isn't my best language... so that makes it even harder to spontaneously talking in english...

why is the quality of your videos so low
it actually has improved allready since i got my new laptop... i can save as better quality, but i couldn't get it online... i tried several times... and also... i noticed that the quality is slightly reduced after uploading...

can you list in the description box where to get the materials you use?
i'll try to from now on, but i think that all my used items can be bought at a craft store or fabric store...

can you tell us what song you used?
i'm allready doing that... most of the time, i list the used songs in the description box... sometimes, it just happens that i don't know the exact song name or artist...

where are you from? you look asian...
i am asian... i am chinese, born in the netherlands. my parents are originally from hong kong...

maybe you could do some fall / winter /spring /summer fashion video?
yes, when i have the inspiration i would like to make those kind of video sometime... ^^

can you speak? i would like to hear your voice...
actually i allready have a talking video up, it was my introduction video...

can you do more ootd videos?
i want to, but sometimes it's just not interesting enough to show... i really have "periods"... ie. i'm really loving shorts with knit tights at the moment, and i'm trying to wear that same style as long as possible... till i get tired of it, or just till it doesn't fit the season anymore...

can you do make-up videos?
i can only do hauls and reviews, i can't do tutorials... first i'm not that great with make-up... and second, my video quality is just too sucky...

what is your dog's name?
his name is ka lee (he has a chinese name), ka means home/family and lee means going well/smooth...

did you know that bird's wouldn't be able to fly if they sweated?
no i didn't, i actualy didn't know birds would sweat too XD thanks for letting me know about this funny fact ^^

do you wear the things you make?
yes i do... ^^ i especially love my oversized bow top... missing the nice weather, so i can wear it out again...

where would you like to shop?
that would the us!! i see so many great hauls on youtube... and they got stores over there which we don't have here...

where is the best place to shop?
i have to say online... online i can always find what i want... and shopping in real stores, it would be just a guess if i would be able to come back home with something...

where do you get your inspirations everywhere and nowhere... sometimes i get inspired by the things i see around me... and even the things i already have in my closet... i'll be thinking, wouldn't it be great if this would have different sleeves... i'll edit or remake it if it's possible... so i can change something more to my own likings...

what bands/music do you usually listen to?
i'm really loving advanced 7 fold at the moment... and i like... lmf, mika nakashima, tokyo jihen, shiina ringo, hyde...

how are you so pretty?
i actually can't answer this question, pretty is just an opinion... so instead, you should ask yourself, why you think i'm pretty, then you'll have your answer ^^

what made you decided to create a youtube? was it for hopes of becoming a guru, or just out of unintentional fun?
i was just curious when i first started... and i thought i could do a video, that no one has done yet... and i was actually pretty surprised with the positive comments... so i decided to do more... and more... and more... and it's also a lot of fun to do it... great way to kill time when you have to much time on your hands...

do you like anime?
yes, i do... i haven't really watched many though... some of my favorites are nana, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, scrapped princess, midori no hibi, great teacher onizuka, golden boy...

out of all the different types of video's you do whats your favorite?
my diys, it's like releasing my creativity... experimenting... and after that it would be my ootd/outfits, i love to dress up, when i have the time to do it... ^^

have you ever dyed your hair? ^^
i tried to home dye it once, but my hair didn't adsorb the color... what i have now is my original hair color... and i'm not planning on dying my hair, just because i like it natural... and it's more healthy ^^

whats you most favorite food?
that's a hard one, because i love food so much... i got too many favorites... i think it would have been easier to ask what i don't like to eat :p

what are to places you would love to travel to?
i don't have much knowledge about traveling yet... but i would like to travel to all the peaceful places... places with a nice view, or places where i can shop, places where i can enjoy myself... etc. (it feels like, i haven't actually answered your question... i'm sorry XD)

are you going to be doing more hauls?
i probably won't do more... but... i'll keep doing them... i will when i got nice new stuff to show ^^

what part of china are you?
hong kong ^^

how old did you turn?
26 -_- btw... thanks for all the b-day wishes... you all are too nice <3

that's all for the questions... thanks again everyone... ^^

please bare with me and be a little patient with me announcing the winners, i do have to apologize for taking so long -_-

have a great night people... <3
or day... or evening ^^


oversized tops/knits/cardigans...

i'm in love with oversized tops... and i finally found the perfect one at h&m... since i wanted to try some out before buying overseas, i decided to not get any online yet...

but now that i tried some out, i'll know what kind of oversized tops i like... since i'm not like model-skinny... an oversized top can easily make me look big or bulky... but i find that tops with bigger necklines doesn't do that as much... so... i started to look on yesstyle for oversized tops/knits/cardigans...

here are my picks <3

oversized knit cardigan
(stylewardrobe) 74,10usd

v-neck oversized top
(frenchgirl) 36,10usd

long-sleeve scoopneck oversized top
(shy shy) 17,28usd

oversized fleece cardigan
(redopin) 68,40usd

oversized draped cardigan
(redopin) 57,00usd

lastly, one with a smaller neckline... i'm not sure if this will fit me well, but it looks mad-good on the model... <3

long-sleeve oversized t-shirt
(youareagirl) 30,40usd

men has nice tops and cardigans too, to wear it oversized... ^^

(btw giveaway winners will be up as soon as i have time, i'll try to do it tomorrow...)


my bday 2010 presents ^^

it's this time of the year again... my b-day (and yesterday)... despite the fact of having bad luck today... headache and a slightly infected eye... i've enjoyed my day... i'm glad i could spend it with the ones i care...

since last year... i have some kind of weird urge to watch nausicaa on my b-days for some particular reason... so i watched it again today... though i didn't watch the whole movie, it still felt good and satisfying...

on to my presents, so sweet ^^

red pockets from my parents, like always... not sure what i'm going to do with it yet...

an h&m sale night invitation from my brothers girl... ^^

i've gotten some accessories and a cap from my <3... i love em all... my very first cap... yayyy (K) love the way he picked out the pieces <3 (sowieso gaan die stickers eraf XD)

and... i've also received a h&m gift card from his parents, sooo sweet ^^

and lastly, a present from work, a gift cube... which i can use to order a small gift from the shop... haven't figured out how it works yet... but the packaging of the cube is so much fun ^^ there is a sweet note on it and the cube pops out when i open the envelope-thing...

i'm tired already... probably going to bed early... and if i feel much better tomorrow, i'll be making a new vid ^^ xxx


asos order

free standard shipping to the netherlands, today only promotion... the shipping is actually pretty low already... it's like 3 eur for standard and 6 eur for express delivery...

i've been wanting to order something small from asos, but i didn't... i wanted to wait till i would find more stuff i wanted to order together...

the item i wanted to get is a cross double ring, which is similar to the forever 21 one... (which i was looking for, for some time now)... but since the price is only 9/10 eur, the shipping would be a lot compared to the price... (it's like 1/3! :x) but because of this free shipping i just ordered it... yeay ^^

if you're living in the netherlands, use this couponcode NLFREEDELIV, to get the free standard shipping...

from me to you give away update

thanks to everyone who have entered my give away so far... i've read every e-mail i've received (till now)... they were all nice to read... <3... i probably won't be able to reply before the ending of the give away... and i might answer some (frequently) asked questions in de winners video...

and for everyone who asked about how many times you can enter... one entry per person... i want everyone to have even chance to win...

haven't you enter yet? it's easy to, just e-mail me at ljenmf@gmail.com with feedback about my video's/channel and your youtube username... it doesn't have to be a long mail... just be honest and straight, but you can always add a little fun to it if you want ^^ for more details about my give away, read my previous blogpost...

btw. i got some nice winter inspired diy idea's... so that will be coming up whenever i'll be having time... expect at least one diy this month...

enjoy your day... much love... x jen


my first giveaway ^^ (closed)

i got something to give... i'm going to hold my first giveaway... yeay... the reasons... it's been 17 months ago, when i've first uploaded my very first video... i've passed 7000 subscribers ^^... it's almost my b-day again -_-... and ofcourse to thank you all...

so what can you win? 2 yesstyle coupons, 50usd each... so there will be 2 winners... (i still need to get my hands on the coupons, but yesstyle already agreed on making those for me...)

it's easy to enter... just mail me at ljenmf@gmail.com...

  1. give me feedback... tell me anything you like or do not like... anything that can help me improve...
  2. give me your youtube username... so i can find you on youtube...
  3. and it would be fun if you can tell me something and/or ask me anything... ^^ it can be random...

to enter, you do have to be my subscriber... and be sure that you can use the coupon... check if you can actually order on yesstyle.com, if they will ship to you etc. because i won't be responsible of your order... i would be willing to help though.

how i will choose the winners? i will be using random.org to pick 2 random winners... i will announce the winners on youtube... and will be contacted on youtube... if the winner won't answer within a week, i will give the price to someone else... so be aware of that... if they will... i will send you an e-mail with your price ^^

this giveaway ends 26th november 2010 59:00pm dutch time... google if you need to... i will anounce the winners as soon as possible...

good luck everyone!!


received yesstyle order (7)

so because we returned the shirt (which i post about some time ago), we wanted to order again with the yesstyle credit we got back...

that's btw an other thing that's not really fun about returning items to yesstyle...

so my bfriend got to order 3 shirts... (will post pictures of those another time) and i ordered a pair of shoes and a jacket.

1. lace-up ankle boots
brand: youareagirl
size: 245
material: synthetic leather
price: 70usd
color: black

the shoes are okay, i just think the quality isn't really that great... i think i've expected a little bit more... but what i do like about these shoes is, that they kept my feet dry at rainy days... since it has been raining over here a lot lately, i've been wearing them for like a full week now... and the sole is already damaged... and the thing is... the sole just have a thin layer of black rubber... and when that is worn off, you can see like a off-white color... and that doesn't look that nice... it's like almost i've worn these shoes for half an year -_-


2. hooded jacket
brand: cocostar
size: one size
material: cotton
price: 65usd
color: black

this is the jacket i ordered...

and this is what i've received!

they look totally different... the sleeves... the pockets, the elastic band, the back... the one i ordered was named a hooded jacket, but this one isn't even hooded -_-

so i've contacted the customer service... and they told me to send them pictures... so i did... they have asked me to return the product... and i will get the right item send to me after they received the other jacket back... and if they can't get their hands on the correct item, i will be getting the value of the jacket back as yesstyle credit... and they told me they would pay back the shipping cost (as yesstyle credit too). it costed me 20 eur just to ship that jacket back -_- hope they'll keep their word... otherwise i would be really disappointed...

have you experienced receiving a wrong product from yesstyle? share it with me ^^