cute flats from h&m ^^

h&m recently came out with some really cute flats... here are the ones that i like:

i had to get this one, when i saw them... they look cute and matches my new bag... and i am so happy i got them, because they are so comfortable. € 19,95

i am still looking for this pair... hope they look as good as in this picture ^^
€ 19,95

i have only spotted the purple pair so far... seen people wearing the black pair... what about this color? where is it? € 19,95

wonder how this pair would look on, they look nice to me...  they look comfortable too. € 29,95

€ 9,95

€ 9,95

have you already spotted these? what do you think about h&m shoes? they might not be the best quality, but the price is great... some are horrible to wear and some are awesomely comfortable... ^^


feeling bored...

(just a personal random post ^^)

sunday is my relaxing and "do nothing" day, i normally do nothing at all except for eating and browsing around from the evening till i have to sleep... but the last past sundays were almost unbearable boring that it is starting to annoy me... it must be because i've been so busy all the time and/or mostly with people around me, that when i'm finally all alone, i get incredible bored... plus... this sunday evening was somewhat stressfull too... *sigh*

so... what i did was...

yes, cycling... i just finished my 14th week... still keeping up and even improving... i've even been cycling 6 days a week (30 min) the last few weeks instead of 5 days a week (how i started). ^^

and i had a cold glass of fresh cucumber juice. which tastes even better after a "workout". i felt so much better after... guess staying busy is the best thing for me to do... (what do you do when you get unbearable bored?)

to make my day look more healthier XD i had a salad earlier today...  i've had lamb's lettuce, cucumber, avocado with a small amount of feta cheese and a little bit of vegetable oil... ^^ it tasted sooo good, must be the nice and warm weather. what's your favorite salad?

other than this sunday, i had a very nice weekend... ^^ hope you had a better sunday and a even greater weekend...

i'm going to have a busy new week again... (besides work... i'm going to the theaters to see the fast and the furious 5 tomorrow. our 10 month anniversay this tuesday <3... and i'm getting new ink on saturday... excited!!)

wish you all a good week...


couponcode for mooieriemen.nl

i just quickly wanted to share a couponcode for mooieriemen.nl, you'll get 10% off with the code "moederdag". if you order €20 and up, shipping to the netherlands will be free. they do ship international (€7,50), but i'm not sure if they will ship to all countries, since the whole site is in dutch.

what i got? remember my black legend bag? i got it in tan. the funny thing is, i never liked tan, until recently. and... i noticed this tan version looks and feels more sturdy than my black one... i wonder, if it will stay this way... or will the leather loosen up? i will keep loving it even if it will, and i'm still in love with my black one... ^^ (yes, i am that kind of person that if i like something,  i would buy it in different colors.) XD

i like the fast shipping at mooieriemen.nl, but the track and trace number they send me, never worked... but can't complain, with free shipping. another thing that i don't like, is that it was poor packaged... it just came in a very thin plastic wrap...

:o and one more thing, you can pay with paypal, which i thought i couldn't, when i ordered my black one from hipperz.nl... hipperz now carry a new version of this bag... pretty much the same... but they changed the shape of the hardware and they come in new colors... light blue, olive green (i like this one too!!) and taupe. they still have the old version, but only in white and tan.

btw, does anyone know any online stores that sell geniune leather bags, that still look fashionable? please let me know, thanks... (i've allready checked asos.com, but i couldn't find one that i like...)