received yesstyle order (7)

so because we returned the shirt (which i post about some time ago), we wanted to order again with the yesstyle credit we got back...

that's btw an other thing that's not really fun about returning items to yesstyle...

so my bfriend got to order 3 shirts... (will post pictures of those another time) and i ordered a pair of shoes and a jacket.

1. lace-up ankle boots
brand: youareagirl
size: 245
material: synthetic leather
price: 70usd
color: black

the shoes are okay, i just think the quality isn't really that great... i think i've expected a little bit more... but what i do like about these shoes is, that they kept my feet dry at rainy days... since it has been raining over here a lot lately, i've been wearing them for like a full week now... and the sole is already damaged... and the thing is... the sole just have a thin layer of black rubber... and when that is worn off, you can see like a off-white color... and that doesn't look that nice... it's like almost i've worn these shoes for half an year -_-


2. hooded jacket
brand: cocostar
size: one size
material: cotton
price: 65usd
color: black

this is the jacket i ordered...

and this is what i've received!

they look totally different... the sleeves... the pockets, the elastic band, the back... the one i ordered was named a hooded jacket, but this one isn't even hooded -_-

so i've contacted the customer service... and they told me to send them pictures... so i did... they have asked me to return the product... and i will get the right item send to me after they received the other jacket back... and if they can't get their hands on the correct item, i will be getting the value of the jacket back as yesstyle credit... and they told me they would pay back the shipping cost (as yesstyle credit too). it costed me 20 eur just to ship that jacket back -_- hope they'll keep their word... otherwise i would be really disappointed...

have you experienced receiving a wrong product from yesstyle? share it with me ^^

new pair of converse all stars...

i came home yesterday and found a big package on the floor... it was mine ^^

although i already know what it was... i opened the box with curiosity... in the big box i found a bag, a key chain, a chapstick, some order receipts and a small shoe box... ^^ the converse shoes i've ordered!!

they were on sale and i've ordered them from frontrunner.nl :)

it was free shipping for an order of 25eur and up... and the shipping was fast... i ordered thursday night, shipped on friday and received it on monday... the whole process only took 3 working days ^^ i love shops with fast handling and shipping <3

the shoes itself are nice too... i like em... though i like my other pair (which i posted a while back...) more ^^


my first asos order received ^^

i lack time... i wish time went slower, i wish we had longer days... :X there are so many things i want to do, but they end up on my waiting list...

i want to post more on this blog, but i can't... i even want to start a new blog with a different subject... but i'm too busy... might not be the right time to start...

it's funny how i had too much time in the past... and now...

anyways... i was happy to find my asos package... it had been waiting for me on the table in the livingroom... i haven't really been there the last few days... -_-

what's in the package? it's a tiny little black heart shaped purse... it's so cute...

i ordered this the 12th of this month... got shipped out the next day... and i've probably received it 2 days ago... 25th... i've chosen for the standard shipping... which cost me 3 euro's and they stated on their website that the shipping will take 6 working days... close :) i can't follow my package with the standard shipping... should be able to trace it with the express shipping... that will cost 6 eur, and will take 3 working days for shipping... maybe i'll try that the next time... i'm quite satisfied with asos... good packaging... would order again...

i'm still waiting for 2 other packages... 1 is my wallet ^^ and the second one, which will hopefully arrive monday or tuesday... will be my new shoes :) i'll hope to blog about that when i receive these...

also... i still want to blog about my last yesstyle order... i didn't get much... i just ordered to get free shipping for my bfriend... since he returned his shirt, he had yesstyle credit to order other stuff... hopefully i have time to post his items here too ^^

and i'm still waiting for pictures from an online guyfriend, who orders at yesstyle too ^^ so hopefully i can post his items here too :D

hmmm what else... don't know... hope to post soon again... have a good day/night everyone!!


returning items to yesstyle is no fun...

i have to admit they have fast service... whenever i have a question, i always have gotten a fast reply...

like i said before, i had to return a shirt that i had in my last order... because it didn't fit... 1. we had to pay the shippingcost from here, the netherlands, back to yesstyle, which was around 10eur... and 2. because my order wasn't above the 150usd after returning the shirt... i had to pay for the shipping cost aswell... which is 16 usd -_-

so the shirt was 62usd... and i had to pay around 30 usd in total... so i only gained around 50% back... that's sad -_-

make sure you'll never have to return something... make sure you fit everything before ordering! the reason i decided to get a refund is because it wasn't an extreme cheap shirt...


new stuff...

i went to lelystad today for outlet shopping... ^^ it was fun, though i didn't find much nice stuff... i went there with the intention to find a few pair of new jeans... and maybe some flats... but i came back with other stuff... :P

i got converse shoes... haven't own a pair since i was a kid... this pair is nice and simple... which suits my taste... and ofcourse black -_- can't deny it... i love black... and it was only 35eur

and i got these adidas by stella mccartney sweatshirt ^^ it's really cute... ^^ look at the lace detail... it has a big hood too... i got this for only 19eur... :O

and last... hehe... lindor chocolateh!! ^^ yummie... my favorite one... the straciatella (light blue)!! <3

other than the new stuff i bought... i got a new wallpaper on my phone ^^ <3