canceled items

i get a lot of questions about items being canceled from Yesstyle orders. and what a coincidence... the bag i ordered 3 weeks ago, got canceled! now i'm frequently checking if the bag gets back in stock again, cause i would really get my hands on them. this is the second time an item got canceled, and i have ordered many times already.

if you don't want to get items that has a possibility of being canceled, buy the items that are ready to ship, those are the items they have at there own warehouse. all the others, they have to order from their supplier.

if your item got canceled, you can just leave it be. If your order originally qualified for free shipping, you will still receive free shipping despite items being canceled from your order.

or if you want to replace the canceled item, you can contact the customer service, with your order number. just e-mail them with your replacement request. be sure to send your request before your package get send out.

items that got canceled can get back "in stock" later. if you check back at your product, if it says "temporary out of stock", it's possible that you can order it again later. but if it says "out of stock", it's probably not coming back again.

the first time, my item got canceled, i got my refund as yesstyle credits. i didn't mind it that much, because i knew i was going to use it anyways. but i've talked with people who didn't want to order again, so i told them to ask their money back through the customer service. i think the many complaints has helped, cause now i will be getting the refund through paypall, how i paid for the order, it will just take some time.

ps. funny how i am typing cancelled (uk) like this, but my browser changes it into canceled (us)...

meet my new friend...

we met a few weeks ago, and we could go along pretty well... ^^ she's very nice, pretty and has a great body, perfect to be a model. so... i asked her to be my model, she agreed...

so... the day has come, today is the day she moved in with me... meet my new friend...

her first assignment is to show my new bikini ^^ haha, it looks better on her, than on me XD

though i like my old bikini more, i didn't return this one. my old one somehow fits my body better, but it's much more revealing (and i'm talking about the bottom piece)... and i thought i needed a more appropriate set for the swimmingpool (as i am thinking about starting swimming again)... my old one is (in my opinion) more suited for the beach. 

so the old one, is by o'neill, my fave brand for swimwear. i've always been buying o'neill, but when this grey set went on sale, i thought i wanted to try a different brand. my new set is by protest. i'm loving the pattern on the fabric, and this is actually my first black set of swimwear XD i'm liking my new swimwear, but i'm sure my next one, will be by o'neill again... (any fave brands you like for swimwear?)

have you gotten any new swimwear for this year, or are you going to rock your old ones?


sketches are just sketches...

when i was looking for inspiration, i looked back on what i've made so far... i have 38 diy vids in total... out of all... i love my oversized bow top the most... though i was having a rough period, while i was making it, i gave it my all... i've hand stitched the whole top and made it as neat as i could... one of the things i've made from scratch...  *proud at myself* XD can't wait to wear it again ^^

so looking at that top, gave me inspiration to do more tops... since it's spring already, and summer will be coming up soon (time flies)... i decided to do some spring/summer tees... and as i remember, some of you have requested more tee diys... so last friday, i grabbed some h&m tees from the male section... hopefully i can use these for my designs...

here are some sketches i've made... (i know they look awfully bad XD i'm bad at drawing fashion pieces...) i normally don't make any sketches, i usually just make them from what i have in mind... but since i'm very busy... and am not sure when i'm going to create them... i was afraid to forget about them... sooo... i sketched my designs... though they kinda look different from how i have them in mind, they kind of help me remember how i want to sew everything in place...

i'm not sure yet if i am going to make them all... but... you can expect some spring/summer diys soon ^^

have a great night everyone...

ps. i love my 2 fishes at the side, tehee... they are too cute... >>



we've just met...

so i had a sushi date today... and we still had half an hour till we can take places in the restaurant... so we went shopping at de bijenkorf, which is a big department store... and they were having a sale there... we didn't really intended to shop there, but it just happen to be still open... ofcourse we went to the shoes section (because it's my favorite section of de bijenkorf).

i wanted to look for the tommy hilfiger flats, because i knew they were on sale, and i thought it would be a great casual pair for everyday wear... but there was only 1 pair left, in size 42, never that i could fit in those... -_-

then i saw a pair of black patent peep toe... it was like a very cheap (discounted to 39eur) version of the cl heels. It was pretty comfortable for shoes that high, and it looked so sexy too... but the sizes didn't fit that well, it was or too big or to small. -_-

so i ended up seeing these mk boots... there were only 4 pairs left, excluding the two model/try on pairs. out of all, only one was in my size, yay... when i tried them on, they were like... <3 i just had to get them... i couldn't just walk away because they were on sale and happened to be in my size... feeling lucky...

and all this in less than 30 minutes!! XD 

i like how they look, the heel is perfect and they are pretty comfy so far. the buckle makes the top look scrunched together, which makes it look cute. it looks very good with skinny jeans and leggings... ^^ and my favorite... the zippers... i like how prominent the zippers are... they stand out and makes the shoe a bit spicy... all together the shoes look very well balanced...

and... i also got a new pair of flats, my date got them for me... they are from the h&m, where she works... i like em, great for everyday casual wear... (thanks stef!)


bags from yesstyle?

when you look bag (back) on my very first yesstyle review vid, you will see that i wasn't pleased by the quality of the bag i've bought... it looked nice and everything, but it wasn't doing it's job very well... holding all my items in the bag, caused it an early death...

but when i was browsing the yesstyle website, i was tempted to look on the bags section... and oh my... i've found some nice looking bags... so i was thinking about giving their bags another try...

1. Fashion Lady - Studded Faux-Leather Tote
2. Fashion Lady - Faux-Leather Tote
3. ALICE9 - Faux-Leather Tote
4. Koo - Faux-Leather Tote with Cross Strap
5. REDOPIN - Faux-Leather Trim Canvas Shopper
6. REENO - Genuine Leather Satchel
7. REDOPIN - Chain-Accent Faux Leather Tote
8. Smoothie - Two-Tone Buckled Tote
9. PG Beauty - Faux-Leather Tote

can you guess which one i've ordered?