measurements of my vest

here is the video about the measurements of my black vest, which i showed in my hkhaul vid :) for everyone who requested this, or are interested... please enjoy :) have fun sewing!!

a better picture of the measurements (click to enlarge)

all measurements are in cm:

the width is 113 cm in total, left part till the oval cutout is 40cm, the width of the oval cutout is 33 and the right part is 40...

the length is 58 in total, the upper part till the oval cutout is 10, the length of the cutout is 28 and the lower part is 20...

the 10 cm part is the neck part, so it is shorter than the lower part, 20cm, which covers your lower back...


too lazy...

i've noticed that i'm too lazy to post anything here... i seem to enjoy making vids more :X maybe also because i feel like... nobody is interested in my blog :X lol

but i just felt like posting something 2day again ^^

i just made something really cute again, and i'm going to share it with my subscribers soon!! :D so expect a vid online on youtube soon again...

also some people requested the measurements of the vest that i showed in my hk haul... i just can't find my measure-ribbon... :( hopefully i can borrow one from my parents... lol... or better... i'm going to buy a new one :X soo for everyone who requested this, please be a little more patient :)

and another funny thing... i totally missed my 1 year anniversary on youtube! lol :X 4 june 2008 was the date i uploaded my first vid on my channel... :X

also i reached 1000 subscribers a few days ago... i'm soo happi! i really never expected so many subscribers :O i hope that when i got i job or when my online shop works out great, i can hold some contests... that would be really...really great!

sweet dreams!!

ps: i've noticed some comments on my posts... thanks for commenting, it's really sweet :) but if you have any questions... please leave them on youtube... send a message or anything on youtube... because i update and check my youtube more often... thank you all ^^