some cute and new stuff i got ^^

i received a baggy full of accessories yesterday.. from my "lieve jongen" :D he just surprised me... ^^ whole bunch of bangles, some earrings and a ring... thanks lievie!!

love the small/thin bangles... i will add one or more of my cute swarovski heart pendants on... that would look totally adorable...

the leaves bangle is totally nice... i love leaf and feather shaped things :D

simple yet lovely... it's somehow cute, because of the braided look, but toughy looking because of the color and the added black details...

i like this one too, but it's a bit too big for me :X

cute cocktail ring... ^^

definitely love the bow earrings :) i normally don't really wear earrings, but for these i would make an exception... ^^ they are just too cute...

that's it for the baggy... but i got more :p i helped a friend today to shop some stuff for his gf... we made some pictures in the h&m, bad iphone quality though...

everything looks nicer in real... the white top with the cute bow is a bit sheer, but it would be great with a tanktop underneath... and paired with a skirt...

the black ruffle top is really cute... and great for people with a small bust... because the ruffles are only at the bust area... ^^

the nude pink ruffle dress is really pretty, and hugs around the body tightly... you can definitely see my jeans with belt... and my belly haha...

and lastly... the blue jumpsuit... really cute ^^ looked actually better than i thought it would be... since some jumpsuits doesn't fit well...

too bad we didn't make pictures of all the other stuffs... we also got a black skirt from new yorker... some cute grape looking earrings which would look great with the nude pink dress... some cute earrings with a lot of keys... and one with bows... a pair of skinny jeans... a belt with studs... and some make up stuffs...

as a thank you, i got this dress from that friend... and a cute vest... but i don't have a good picture of the vest...

next time maybe some better pictures of the dress... ^^ maybe in an ootd sometime...


i wore pretty dresses when i was little ^^

i bought a shoe rack today ^^ so again i was cleaning and tidying up my room :D i moved out a closet that my parents wanted to use, so they were moving their stuff too... while we were busy, my mom mentioned that she still had the dresses that i got from my aunt and grandma when i was little... i thought it was super cute and made some pictures... ^^

btw... you can see my new black shoe rack on the right :D

my mom's fave

cute spring/summer dress...

my fave ^^

i wore this to someones wedding dinner...

so while i was putting my shoe rack together, the doorbell went off... it was the mail man!! with a package!! from yesstyle... yes, i ordered something again... well... actually my brother's gf wanted to order some high heeled boots, so i joined her to reach the free shipping... again :P (order 4)

she paid for her own shoes and mine are sponsored...

she ordered:
lace-up ankle boots
brand: youareagirl
size: 245 (she normally wears eur size 38)
price: 92usd

amazing shoes, they look stunning in real!! i love the strap-detail on the boots... she's totally in love with these boots ^^ and she told me they are very comfy with an extra inner sole :) and they are just as she expected them to be... so that's good...

website pictures:

picture, with she wearing them... (bad quality picture, made with my phone, because i didn't charge my digicam):

and i got the:
open toe laced up shoes
brand: alice room
size: 240 (i didn't order one size bigger, because i want to wear them without thick socks)
price: 85usd

website picture:

i wanted some toughy sexy looking heels for this season ^^ so i choose some open toe heels :D

my picture: (the "sewn strip")

they were too tight though... the toe part was sewn together with a tiny strip... so i've just cut it... and now they are perfect, i just hope the shoelaces are strong enough... ^^ they are really pretty and comfy <3 *i'm in love too*

me wearing the heels:

that's it for today, hopefully i can do some video's tomorrow...


there is nothing wrong with showing a little bit bra ^^

wow... it's been a while since i've blogged and posted a video!! but you know what?! i feel great now!! hehe... i've been busy looking for a job... and i finally have an appointment for a job interview... i'm so excited!!

and other than that... i also have a few planned video's :) there will be a new diy vest video again! :D and... maybe a mini haul and showing some cute stuff i got ^^ and maybe my job interview ootd? hehe

also... my new wardrobe is almost coming! next saturday ^^ can't wait :D i might do a vid about that too, and showing some favorite items?!

hmmm... and... yea... my ootd ^^ there is nothing wrong with showing a little bit bra if the bra is nice and you're not wearing a tiny short skirt :D don't you agree??

i'm wearing:
white lace bra (after eden)
blue buttoned cardigan (vero moda/only)
white zipper cardigan (yesstyle)
blue skinny jeans (bershka)

that's it for now :) next time again ^^ have a great easter everyone ;) xxx