brown and black goes well together...

since my offwhite boots are all worn out, i like to wear brown with black... some people say it looks bad together, what do you think?

what would you like to wear with brown or black? or what color do you think would look good with brown and black?

besides orange and red, i would say that bright yellow would also look very nice.. feel free to give me your thoughts about brown and black, and feel free to ask any questions about this subject or others :)


layout completed

wow, finally... my layout is completed... welll, hmmm, i'm actually still thinking if i should photoshop a header or not... but that's not that important, the most important thing is that i'm now satisfied with how this blog looks, and i love the colors :)


under construction!

blub under construction blub

i deleted all the content of this blog, as i decided to restart from the beginning :) and i'll redesign the layout. when that's done, i'll be start posting some quality posts...