urggg... i did not, and will not have time to update this blog (for now, for a while, i don't know)... so i opened a tumblr (to get things seperated), so i can post some random pictures about and me and the things/people around me. i'm planning on posting everyday, hope i can keep it up, time wise. don't expect much, just random pictures, with even less words.


i'm not closing this blog down, because i might return here, once in a while or after some time, when i can find some time (i don't know). and i kind of want to keep it, so i can look back.

one more thing... my youtube channel is still alive, i'm doing my best to create fun videos to watch and new things to learn...

enjoy your free time.



dried out cream liner

i have the benefit ceaseless cream shadow liner (in the color towne car) for the longest time... it has now dried up to the condition that i can't wear it as eyeliner... but now... it's perfect for my eyebrows! (some may know this trick already... but some don't or have forgotten all over it...)

i have really back hair... with just a slight brown tint, only when the sun shines on it... so i find brown tints not so natural on me... i've tried taupes too, but it just didn't work right... until i used black... it's perfect if i do not put it on to heavily...

so if you have a dried out cream liner that fits your eyebrows, try it out, before throwing it away... ^^


30 day clothes and accessories challenge: day 21

A picture of something that i only wear around the house.

it must be these unflattering tees.