... again

i'm going to try to start posting on this blog again... (although no one really reads this) but not only about fashion, but also about random stuff... sometimes i just need to express myself and my feelings, but i have nobody i can or have to tell... because some secrets are meant for no one to know... and because i rarely get to see and talk to my best friend...

i'm also going to try being more active on my facebook page... i'm going to start posting my video's on there, for anyone who might be interested ^^ facebook.com/lazyjenmf ... feel free to add me... but i'll only accept if you send me a message along with your friend request ^^

and i've a lookbook account for so long, but didn't really use it... i think i'm going to post more outfits, whenever i got the time ^^ you can take a look it you want: lookbook.nu/lazyjenmf

these are the pictures i've posted so far...


key pendants

i was browsing for a nice key pendant... love key pendants, but hard to find here... i ended up on the website of tiffany&co and i found the perfect one... i should have checked out the store while i was in hong kong...

sigh... i feel in love :X although it's unreachable...

simple, yet beautiful


my birthday...

*original post deleted*

hehe... i've never told the whole story to anyone before... so i felt great after posting it ^^ but i actually didn't want anyone to read it... so that's why i'm deleting it again ^^

my 5th or 6th bday: my older brother and i

lol at little me with a big knife! :X