canceled :(

urg... i catched a cold, and still am not feeling that great :X i woke up after a weird dream and with a headache... i went to the livingroom, sat on the couch with a nice blanket and turned on my laptop... the first thing i always do, when i turn on my laptop, is... check my mails... so i won't miss out any important information...

after reading the more important mails, i stumbled on a yesstyle autoreply mail :o i somehow expected it... but... an item got canceled! :x it's the first time something got canceled in my order... i've already heard this could happen from other people...

awww... i like those heels (guess i'm not the only one, haha) :( and i wanted to compare the normal priced one with the cheaper one (which got canceled) :x

now i kinda have that "not satisfied" feeling... so i probably gonna order some shoes again next time :x haha...

ah well... that means that my order will be shipped soon, since that was the only item that was not "ready in stock"... ^^ yeay... :)


video's ^^

yeay i finally finished my first fashion inspiration video for men :) and i'm glad my guest jimmy liked my visit and the outcome of the video(s)... ^^

i'll probably do more of these in the future... also with different fashionable guys that i can find :)

hope you'll enjoy these for now ^^

(omg XD i made so many typos in these vids :X what a disaster :X)

wow time goes by really fast... it's already the 22th! and i still have to make some sponsored videos! but luckily i already got idea's for those :) and it will be diys again! just because i love doing diys! ^^ i wanted to do one today, but i don't think i can make it... time wise... cause i have to get dressed for now, as i'm going to a movie tonight...

the snow has been gone for a while now, so i can finally wear my black boots again :D (the flat boots i got last month... i posted it here on my blog, but i forgot to show it in my haul vid...) let's see what outfit i'll put together today...


my room :x

nothing really fashion related!

but this belongs to the list of the things i want to do this year... my room "renovation"... my best friend helped me with putting on the wallpaper... and we are finally done today! :p i'm so tired... though my best friend did most of the work! :x thankx dem!

first a before picture... this is one of my oeh-naked walls :p

and this is how this wall looks like now... (it's blue-grayish, hard to tell in this picture :x)

and the other wall is offwhite

i'm so happy that i finally got new wallpaper... looks neat and clean :) hopefully it will stay nice and relaxing after putting back all the furniture... :p

lol... we just had some fun on my wall with a pencil :p well apparently... i'm not 163cm like i thought i was... i'm 0,7cm smaller... haha

anyways... changing the wallpaper was the biggest part of my renovation plan... but i still got some other things to do...

besides the two walls in the pictures above, i also have a really ugly brickwall... my mom suggested to put wallpaper over that too... but it didn't work out so well... soo we took it off again... i still have to remove all the paper... and hopefully we'll paint that soon ^^

other than that, i have to put back all my furniture... and re organize my stuff :x that will be a lot of work :x cause i really have a lot of stuff...

anyways... i'm going to visit a friend tomorrow... well actually today, because it's 1:25am already... and i'm going to check out his wardrobe! yeay... a men's wardrobe vid (another 2010-to-do-thing) will be coming up soon... hope you guys and ladies will like it :)

good night and sweet dreams everyone... i'm so tired :x


new yesstyle order (2b)

like i said in my last post... i said i might grab some more things while my brother places his order... but he didn't want to order anything after all... but his girlfriend does... so we decided to place an order together :) and this order i paid with my own money ^^ (this is how much i like that store :P)

this is what i got:

she ordered:

we used the couponcode TWITTER5 and got 5usd off ^^ we spend 152usd together... we wanted to order over 150usd to get the free shipping :p


new yesstyle order (2a)

i finally placed a new order on yesstyle... ^^ and this time i wanted to try out some of there shoes... this is the first time i order their shoes, and i wonder how they fit :) and how they look like in real :) and i also ordered some vest and shirts ^^ just because they are cute and on sale :)

there is this sale going on till 25th januari 2010...
^^ just for your information... hehe ^^ my brother also wants to place an order, and i might order some with him too ^^ cause there are too many cute stuff on sale (too hard to resist) :p

hmmm... i wonder... would you people like it if i do a review of these shoes when i receive them and tried them out?


new year!

a new year again! i want to improve myself! i don't want to waste any time from now on... i want to be an even better person than i was before, 2010 will be a good year...

it made me think, since i've been asked...

1. get my personal life straight again :x (not going into the details, but all the problems in 2009 needs to be solved!)
2. i am going to improve my design skills (both media and fashion related)
3. get a job (if i can't find a fitting job, within this year, i'll just take a random job)
4. i am not going to waste anymore time... i will work more!
5. i am going to clean my room at my parents place, the messiness bothered me so much in these 2 weeks! i will paint the walls and throw away all the useless stuff!
6. hehe i am going to touch my wii more from now on... (got more games to play now...)
7. keep fit again... i have to loose all the chubbiness i've gained during my stay at my parents' place... my parents feed me to much, lol
8. i am going to save money! spend less money... (i have to save some money for something)
9. i want to make fashion vids for guys too (not sure if the idea i have now will work out ;p wish me luck guys ^^)

hmmm... i can't think of more things i want right now... let's hope i can make all these things work ;)

though my resolution was to save more money and spend LESS, i've shopped during my break... so a haul vid will be comming soon, also another yesstyle sponsored vid!

happy new year everyone!

btw, this was my "outfit" (i don't have a full picture :X) on nye, and the grey top i was wearing is a diy, might gonna do a vid about it, when i have some time... i really have too many ideas for new vids... have to take it step by step, one by one...

that's all... bye!~ till next time... ^^