video's ^^

yeay i finally finished my first fashion inspiration video for men :) and i'm glad my guest jimmy liked my visit and the outcome of the video(s)... ^^

i'll probably do more of these in the future... also with different fashionable guys that i can find :)

hope you'll enjoy these for now ^^

(omg XD i made so many typos in these vids :X what a disaster :X)

wow time goes by really fast... it's already the 22th! and i still have to make some sponsored videos! but luckily i already got idea's for those :) and it will be diys again! just because i love doing diys! ^^ i wanted to do one today, but i don't think i can make it... time wise... cause i have to get dressed for now, as i'm going to a movie tonight...

the snow has been gone for a while now, so i can finally wear my black boots again :D (the flat boots i got last month... i posted it here on my blog, but i forgot to show it in my haul vid...) let's see what outfit i'll put together today...

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thevitay said...

loving this post, I wonder if he have any postings on his stuffs as well?

I'd love to check it out!