new year!

a new year again! i want to improve myself! i don't want to waste any time from now on... i want to be an even better person than i was before, 2010 will be a good year...

it made me think, since i've been asked...

1. get my personal life straight again :x (not going into the details, but all the problems in 2009 needs to be solved!)
2. i am going to improve my design skills (both media and fashion related)
3. get a job (if i can't find a fitting job, within this year, i'll just take a random job)
4. i am not going to waste anymore time... i will work more!
5. i am going to clean my room at my parents place, the messiness bothered me so much in these 2 weeks! i will paint the walls and throw away all the useless stuff!
6. hehe i am going to touch my wii more from now on... (got more games to play now...)
7. keep fit again... i have to loose all the chubbiness i've gained during my stay at my parents' place... my parents feed me to much, lol
8. i am going to save money! spend less money... (i have to save some money for something)
9. i want to make fashion vids for guys too (not sure if the idea i have now will work out ;p wish me luck guys ^^)

hmmm... i can't think of more things i want right now... let's hope i can make all these things work ;)

though my resolution was to save more money and spend LESS, i've shopped during my break... so a haul vid will be comming soon, also another yesstyle sponsored vid!

happy new year everyone!

btw, this was my "outfit" (i don't have a full picture :X) on nye, and the grey top i was wearing is a diy, might gonna do a vid about it, when i have some time... i really have too many ideas for new vids... have to take it step by step, one by one...

that's all... bye!~ till next time... ^^

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Xeel said...

good luck on the 2010 and thanks ahead for the cool vids that you gonna shows! :p