my room :x

nothing really fashion related!

but this belongs to the list of the things i want to do this year... my room "renovation"... my best friend helped me with putting on the wallpaper... and we are finally done today! :p i'm so tired... though my best friend did most of the work! :x thankx dem!

first a before picture... this is one of my oeh-naked walls :p

and this is how this wall looks like now... (it's blue-grayish, hard to tell in this picture :x)

and the other wall is offwhite

i'm so happy that i finally got new wallpaper... looks neat and clean :) hopefully it will stay nice and relaxing after putting back all the furniture... :p

lol... we just had some fun on my wall with a pencil :p well apparently... i'm not 163cm like i thought i was... i'm 0,7cm smaller... haha

anyways... changing the wallpaper was the biggest part of my renovation plan... but i still got some other things to do...

besides the two walls in the pictures above, i also have a really ugly brickwall... my mom suggested to put wallpaper over that too... but it didn't work out so well... soo we took it off again... i still have to remove all the paper... and hopefully we'll paint that soon ^^

other than that, i have to put back all my furniture... and re organize my stuff :x that will be a lot of work :x cause i really have a lot of stuff...

anyways... i'm going to visit a friend tomorrow... well actually today, because it's 1:25am already... and i'm going to check out his wardrobe! yeay... a men's wardrobe vid (another 2010-to-do-thing) will be coming up soon... hope you guys and ladies will like it :)

good night and sweet dreams everyone... i'm so tired :x


C said...

Hehe you're short, no surprise there =p... but you're friend is 183 cm tall?! No wonder you made em put up all the wallpaper, much easier for him to put it up in higher places!

Jen Lam said...

@c - hehe yea, i'm kinda short i guess, how tall are you? :P i actually asked him, because he has more experience with doing those things... ^^ and the results are nice :D

C said...

I'm 5'8 (lol America doesn't use the metric system) which is almost 173 cm tall? Short Asian parents = me being short ;_;

If I was 183 cm, that would be super dope

Jen Lam said...

@c - ah ic :P well +/- 173cm isn't bad :) i've seen some guys which are not much taller than me... maybe just a few cm... ^^ i'm glad i'm not too tall, so i can wear high heels, haha...