for everyone in need...

do what you can do for everyone in need: earthquake and tsunami victims in japan...

american red cross
canadian red cross
dutch red cross

every eur, usd, cad or whatever currency you use, counts... you don't need to donate if you can't, do what you can do or just the thought would be ok too.


my "lazy" week...

i've been so busy this week, stayed longer at the office most of the days. i even worked 5 days instead of 4 XD so this whole week i didn't feel like doing anything at all... i just ate, excersized, watched naruto and full metal alchemist brotherhood... so i feel like i've been lazy all week. but i'm finally having my weekend, a good moment to blog.

i just wanted to share shops with you that i've shopped at or shops that i often check out.

dutch online shops

there are so many more, but i can't think of any... my brain isn't working right at this moment. guess i'm too tired, i'll post an updated list another time... if you know any other shops that might be fun to check out, let me know ^^ i'll add it to my list...

and for people who wonder where i get my fabrics etc for my diys (only for people in and around amsterdam), probably not the cheapest store, but they got a great amount of fun stuff ^^

a. boeken stoffen & fournituren winkel
nieuwe hoogstraat 31, 1011 hd amsterdam

i also wanted to share with you that i've started a beauty blog, there aren't many posts yet, but check it out later if you're interested ^^

have a great weekend everyone!

much love, jen