30 day clothes and accessories challenge: day 21

A picture of something that i only wear around the house.

it must be these unflattering tees.


my new friend...

i'm not really big on make up... but i have extremely dark under eyes, so i look tired without concealer. while i was shopping a few weeks ago... i picked up the maybeline dream lumitouch (highlighting concealer)... i didn't expect much... but it works great for me... i love it and it has became my fave under eye concealer in just a week!

i used to use nyx, the concealer in a jar, but i wasn't really satisfied with it. it's a pretty well known cream concealer. but the thing is... it gets into my fine lines, which makes them really visible, even when i finish it off with powder.

the lumitouch goes into my fine lines too, but not as extreme as the nyx concealer... it's barely noticeable ^^ the consistency is light, and you just need less for the same coverage. i would say it has a medium coverage, it doesn't completely cover my darkness, but it fulfills my needs ^^

12 hours after... (pretty good, if you would have known how i would look without XD)

compared to the nyx concealer (€ 5 something), the lumitouch (€ 10) might be a bit more expensive, but i still find it reasonable priced, for what it's worth.

i got mine in 01 ivory...

give it a try, if you're still looking for a new concealer.

30 day clothes and accessories challenge: day 20

i never start something that i don't finish... so i will finish this challenge! no mather how long it will take ^^

A picture of my jewelry box... It's actually two stacked on each other. Nothing fancy, but it keeps everything organized... and... i've just rearranged it :)