my first tattoo ^^

i've wanted a tattoo for a long time (let's say around 4 years)... but didn't get one untill now, because i wasn't sure about what i wanted... since i have to wear it for the rest of my life...

last month i came up with an idea... and had let it designed by chinese calligraphy artist ngan (nganfineart.com)... helpful, very friendly and fast... it took her less than a week to make my design... and it wasn't that expensive as well...

then i took the design to a tattoo artist (sakura tattoo @ amsterdam) to get it done... ^^ it was quick (5 minutes) and not painful...

how much (in total) i've spend on this tattoo? hmmm i think a bit less than 75eur...

i am loving it!!! my tattoo is a tiny chinese character on my wrist... which means "heart"... the reason behind it? i'll keep that for myself :)

still searching for a new wallet...

i need a new wallet... the one i'm using is already +/- 8 years old :O and since my wallet start to look more worn out, i've been looking for a new one...

around a month ago, i saw a really nice black leather wallet with zippers by michael kors... but at that time, i couldn't afford it yet... when i finally had the money... (one or two weeks later)... i couldn't find it anymore... it was sold out everywhere... since the store i went to, only carried two of those :(

i was disappointed, so went for the heels instead :O

but today... i discovered asos caries vivienne westwood items :O i've always liked some of her items (especially the items with her orbs!), but could never afford or find a store that i could buy from...

i saw these two... they are quite similar... the first one has a gold orb logo (not a big fan of gold...), leather material and has nicer compartments... the second one has a silver orb logo (love!), patent high shine material... and ok compartments... and i like the fact that this one is slightly smaller... (1x0,5cm smaller)... both wallets come in black...

i'm still deciding...

while i was checking out the wallets, i stumbled across this bracelet... <3 i love the vw orbs (can't say it enough)! and it has a bow too... (it's a bit expensive though -_-)


received yesstyle order (6)

1. "patch" appliqué hooded jacket
brand: l'miusa
size: one size
material: cotton and polyester
price: 28usd
color: black

thoughts while ordering:
i needed a long hoody and i love the collar of this hoody ^^ the patch gives it a schoolgirl kind of look, which i love...

thoughts after receiving:
this hoody is fantastic, just not great for this weather... :X because the fabric is really thick... and the inner-lining of the hood is really soft, fluffy and warm... better keep it till it gets colder again... can't wait to wear this... i love the collar of this hoody, and the fact that it's a long sweater... the patch though... is actually a pin... i do like the patch, but i'm actually quite happy it's a pin, so i can remove it, to fit more different styles... the pockets of this hoody is amazing ^^ i love the pockets, they are nice and big... perfect for girls with a smaller hip, which i'm actually not... :X

there are thumb holes, but the sleevs are actually too short for me... so putting my thumbs through feels uncomfy... :X

2. ruched sleeveless top
brand: puffy
size: one size
material: cotton
price: 16,20usd
color: black

thoughts while ordering:
i just thought it would look very cute with shorts... and since i love to wear shorts during summer... the weather here is getting better... can't wait to get this ^^

thoughts after receiving:
this shirt doesn't look good on me, it somehow makes me look big, it looks much cuter on the model than on me... though the shirt is comfortable... and since it's so loose, great for the hot weather...

3. lace-up platform wedges (i have no idea why they named these wedges)
brand: kawo
size: 39
material: polyurethane
price: 38usd
color: black

thoughts while ordering:
i'm normally not a big fan of shoes showing heels... because my heels doesn't look that pretty... but these shoes are looking really nice... it looks like a suede kind of material... and it's laced up :) which i like... and the style is very neutral, i think it can fit different styles of clothing... and besides... check out the price... it's very reasonable...

thoughts after receiving:
these shoes look adorable cute, they look amazing... the outside of the shoe is made from a fake suede fabric... the shoe has a nice patten with stitches and round cutouts on it... the heels are laced up in the front and has a zipper on the inner side... it has a 12cm high heel and a 2,5cm platform... they feel comfortable on my feet... BUT... these shoes are kind of hard to walk on :O maybe it's because of the "open heel" part, or just the sole... i feel like it's wiggling a bit... this is what i experienced, when i wore these to work... i always have to walk 5 to 10 minutes from the bus stop to work...

when i reached home, i took a good look at the shoes... and i noticed that the heel isn't straight :X that must be a factor too why these shoes walk unstable...

i like steady heels more, so i can run in them when i need to... or at least be able to walk on them for hours... these heels are tiring for me...

4. lace-up sandals
brand: kawo
size: 39
material: polyurethane
price: 25usd
color: black

thoughts while ordering:
i am just looking for nice flats to wear... i'm wearing more flats than ever... i got my own reasons for that :P though i still love my high heels... and still love to wear them... these flats are really cute and casual... just need more of these... and for that price ^^ hope they're comfy though...

thoughts after receiving:
these shoes are cute... and on top of that, they are extremely comfortable! :O i'm loving it... the straps don't cut my skin etc. Very casual and great for this season... Nothing more to say about these shoes...

i know i've mentioned this already, but...

yesstyle shoes run small!! i usually wear a size 37,5 to 38 eur size (mostly a 38, just because it's hard to get a 37,5 here in the netherlands)... i always order 1 to 1,5 size bigger from yesstyle... in korean size i always order 245 and eur size, i always get the 39... the 39s are sometimes a little bit loose, but still good to wear... and the 245 is mostly fitted well... this is based on all the shoes i got from yesstyle... i think i've got around 8 pair of shoes from them... including the shoes i got from this order...

5. v-neck tee
brand: rakun
size: XL
material: cotton
price: 62usd
color: black

this was actually a shared order again ^^

but too bad the shirt he got didn't fit well, it was too small, though he got the biggest size they got... and since it wasn't the cheapest shirt out there, we decided to send it back... so i e-mailed yesstyle about it, and i can get a refund... i have to say that i'm quite surprised about their quick reply... since i e-mailed them in the weekend :O now i just have to fill in the form and send it back... they say that they will refund as soon as they receive the unwanted product... i wonder how smooth things will go, and how long this will take... i'll try to keep it updated here.

details in short:
received the package on 7 juli
e-mailed yesstyle about the item on 10 juli
received a reply on 11 juli
we are going to send it back as soon as possible

what else... hmmm i also got some freebies with this order... a bracelet, which is totally not my style, probably going to give it to my mom or something... ^^

and i got the yesstyle x lecontebleu t-shirt... i received one of these before... and it's one of the 3 tees that was send to me to do a series of tee recon video's ^^ so soon a video with this tee :)