too lazy...

i've noticed that i'm too lazy to post anything here... i seem to enjoy making vids more :X maybe also because i feel like... nobody is interested in my blog :X lol

but i just felt like posting something 2day again ^^

i just made something really cute again, and i'm going to share it with my subscribers soon!! :D so expect a vid online on youtube soon again...

also some people requested the measurements of the vest that i showed in my hk haul... i just can't find my measure-ribbon... :( hopefully i can borrow one from my parents... lol... or better... i'm going to buy a new one :X soo for everyone who requested this, please be a little more patient :)

and another funny thing... i totally missed my 1 year anniversary on youtube! lol :X 4 june 2008 was the date i uploaded my first vid on my channel... :X

also i reached 1000 subscribers a few days ago... i'm soo happi! i really never expected so many subscribers :O i hope that when i got i job or when my online shop works out great, i can hold some contests... that would be really...really great!

sweet dreams!!

ps: i've noticed some comments on my posts... thanks for commenting, it's really sweet :) but if you have any questions... please leave them on youtube... send a message or anything on youtube... because i update and check my youtube more often... thank you all ^^


Noel'sLife.me said...

can't wait to see your vid!

LuLu said...

I just found your Blog..please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

hey JEN,
vincent here..
nice to meet you
by da way, you are a great designer..
love all your creativity ideas
have a great and sweet time

bell xun said...


U'll be great one day.