canceled items

i get a lot of questions about items being canceled from Yesstyle orders. and what a coincidence... the bag i ordered 3 weeks ago, got canceled! now i'm frequently checking if the bag gets back in stock again, cause i would really get my hands on them. this is the second time an item got canceled, and i have ordered many times already.

if you don't want to get items that has a possibility of being canceled, buy the items that are ready to ship, those are the items they have at there own warehouse. all the others, they have to order from their supplier.

if your item got canceled, you can just leave it be. If your order originally qualified for free shipping, you will still receive free shipping despite items being canceled from your order.

or if you want to replace the canceled item, you can contact the customer service, with your order number. just e-mail them with your replacement request. be sure to send your request before your package get send out.

items that got canceled can get back "in stock" later. if you check back at your product, if it says "temporary out of stock", it's possible that you can order it again later. but if it says "out of stock", it's probably not coming back again.

the first time, my item got canceled, i got my refund as yesstyle credits. i didn't mind it that much, because i knew i was going to use it anyways. but i've talked with people who didn't want to order again, so i told them to ask their money back through the customer service. i think the many complaints has helped, cause now i will be getting the refund through paypall, how i paid for the order, it will just take some time.

ps. funny how i am typing cancelled (uk) like this, but my browser changes it into canceled (us)...

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