couponcode for mooieriemen.nl

i just quickly wanted to share a couponcode for mooieriemen.nl, you'll get 10% off with the code "moederdag". if you order €20 and up, shipping to the netherlands will be free. they do ship international (€7,50), but i'm not sure if they will ship to all countries, since the whole site is in dutch.

what i got? remember my black legend bag? i got it in tan. the funny thing is, i never liked tan, until recently. and... i noticed this tan version looks and feels more sturdy than my black one... i wonder, if it will stay this way... or will the leather loosen up? i will keep loving it even if it will, and i'm still in love with my black one... ^^ (yes, i am that kind of person that if i like something,  i would buy it in different colors.) XD

i like the fast shipping at mooieriemen.nl, but the track and trace number they send me, never worked... but can't complain, with free shipping. another thing that i don't like, is that it was poor packaged... it just came in a very thin plastic wrap...

:o and one more thing, you can pay with paypal, which i thought i couldn't, when i ordered my black one from hipperz.nl... hipperz now carry a new version of this bag... pretty much the same... but they changed the shape of the hardware and they come in new colors... light blue, olive green (i like this one too!!) and taupe. they still have the old version, but only in white and tan.

btw, does anyone know any online stores that sell geniune leather bags, that still look fashionable? please let me know, thanks... (i've allready checked asos.com, but i couldn't find one that i like...)

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