cute flats from h&m ^^

h&m recently came out with some really cute flats... here are the ones that i like:

i had to get this one, when i saw them... they look cute and matches my new bag... and i am so happy i got them, because they are so comfortable. € 19,95

i am still looking for this pair... hope they look as good as in this picture ^^
€ 19,95

i have only spotted the purple pair so far... seen people wearing the black pair... what about this color? where is it? € 19,95

wonder how this pair would look on, they look nice to me...  they look comfortable too. € 29,95

€ 9,95

€ 9,95

have you already spotted these? what do you think about h&m shoes? they might not be the best quality, but the price is great... some are horrible to wear and some are awesomely comfortable... ^^


Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeek LOOOOOOOOOOOve all of them

Anonymous said...

love them all, too! BROWN IS MY COLOUR! YO! :D


Angel S.NMH said...

Those flats are so cuteee!! Love them!! and they seem soooo comfy!!:)