new pair of converse all stars...

i came home yesterday and found a big package on the floor... it was mine ^^

although i already know what it was... i opened the box with curiosity... in the big box i found a bag, a key chain, a chapstick, some order receipts and a small shoe box... ^^ the converse shoes i've ordered!!

they were on sale and i've ordered them from frontrunner.nl :)

it was free shipping for an order of 25eur and up... and the shipping was fast... i ordered thursday night, shipped on friday and received it on monday... the whole process only took 3 working days ^^ i love shops with fast handling and shipping <3

the shoes itself are nice too... i like em... though i like my other pair (which i posted a while back...) more ^^


Kate said...

Yay! It's always a good feeling when your Converse finally show up!

denise said...

sweet! i need a new pair too :)

Jen Lam said...

it's always a good feeling when you receive a package ^^