oversized tops/knits/cardigans...

i'm in love with oversized tops... and i finally found the perfect one at h&m... since i wanted to try some out before buying overseas, i decided to not get any online yet...

but now that i tried some out, i'll know what kind of oversized tops i like... since i'm not like model-skinny... an oversized top can easily make me look big or bulky... but i find that tops with bigger necklines doesn't do that as much... so... i started to look on yesstyle for oversized tops/knits/cardigans...

here are my picks <3

oversized knit cardigan
(stylewardrobe) 74,10usd

v-neck oversized top
(frenchgirl) 36,10usd

long-sleeve scoopneck oversized top
(shy shy) 17,28usd

oversized fleece cardigan
(redopin) 68,40usd

oversized draped cardigan
(redopin) 57,00usd

lastly, one with a smaller neckline... i'm not sure if this will fit me well, but it looks mad-good on the model... <3

long-sleeve oversized t-shirt
(youareagirl) 30,40usd

men has nice tops and cardigans too, to wear it oversized... ^^

(btw giveaway winners will be up as soon as i have time, i'll try to do it tomorrow...)


Jen Lam said...

i think it will take a few more days to announce the winners, i'm sorry, please be patient... <3

Abir said...

I like the long sleeve oversized shirt the most ^_^

Jen Lam said...

cool ^^ my fave is probably the very first oversized knit cardigan...