i ordered hunter boots...

some time ago, while the weather here was very rainy, my shoes would get all wet... so i had to sit all day with wet feet at the office... :(

so i went on asos to look for rainboots... my eyes fell on the melissa x vivienne westwood bow rain boots... they are amazingly cute... short boots with a bow on the front... (you probably know by now how much i like bows, right?!)... so when i thought of ordering them, they didn't had my size!! i even checked urban outfitters, and they didn't had it either :x

after that disappointment i went on looking for rainboots, i heard about how great the hunter boots were, but i never gave it much attention, since they didn't look that nice, until i saw the hunter regent savoy wellington boot!!! well actually i saw the normal regent wellington boot on asos first, but i didn't like the big logo/label on the front...

so today... since it's been snowing all week now, i really have the urge to get some rainboots... so i went on asos... and i placed my order... hopefully it doesn't get out of stock and to receive it very soon... i can't wait to have dry feet on wet days... ^^

what do you think of em?

(my bf told me that rainboots are just like uggs, ugly... but at least i'm not going to wear 10 dead bunnies on my feet... i actually really wanted to get the uggs earmuffs, but now that i think again, i don't want to wear 2 dead bunnies on my ears :x)

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