most boring weekend of 2010!!

i haven't had a boring weekend in such a long time… and i can definitely call this the most boring weekend of 2010, because the next weekend is xmas, now that can't be boring… and the weekend after is 2011 already!!

the weather went bad on friday… it snowed like crazy… and that's the cause of my boring weekend… i couldn't meet up with my bf on friday, because it was too slippery for the busses to ride… my shopping date got cancelled, because she couldn't go home friday, so she had to stay with her colleague, and decided to work on saterday too… i had planned to catch a movie today, but didn't go through it, also because of the weather… sigh… :x

this weekend might be boring, but i can't really complain, my 2010 is wonderful!! many things lost, yet many things gained… (in no particular order)… i've moved back home to amsterdam… met my current bf… found a job… still having the job… loving the job… having nice colleagues… loving my family… loving my bf… discover more/new things i like… experience new things… got my first tattoo... went to my very first (awesome) concert (<3 a7x)... making my own money… saving money… spending my own money… i'm learning so much… wow… i can go on and on with all the good stuff that happened to me… hope 2011 will be just as great… or even better ^^

because of my great 2010… i don't have many things i would like to change… maybe try to save more money… though i've allready saved 45% of the money that i've made the past 6 months ^^ yeay… i've never managed to save that much… (hope to be able to save at least 50% in 2011!!)… what are your new year's resolutions?

so in case i don't get to make any video's or type any posts before 2011… i want to wish you a merry christmas… and a happy & save new year… happy holidays <3 (now it's time for me to sleep… goodnight everyone…)

just a picture to finish this post… it's from my "diy: last minute one-time-dress" video… watch it if you haven't yet ^^ xxx


ShuShu said...

thank you for your wishes *~*

i have had a really boring and exhausting day, too. because today was my wisdom tooth extraction -.-" i have really much pain now and i'm damn hungry! hope, that i'm able to eat on christmas T_T""

i wish you nice holidays, a merry christmas and a happy new year, too and that your wishes become true :3

ShuShu ♥

Jen Lam said...

Thank you too ShuShu... ^^

Awww... hope it's gonna heal fast... i got 2 of mine out too this year... around june, if i remember well... and i could eat sushi within a week :p

Anna said...

Merry Christmas sweetie. I love your dress and I wish 2011 to be a wonderful year for you.
I love your dress and your beautiful blog.

Jen Lam said...

Thank you so much Anna, Merry Christmad to you too <3