my bday 2010 presents ^^

it's this time of the year again... my b-day (and yesterday)... despite the fact of having bad luck today... headache and a slightly infected eye... i've enjoyed my day... i'm glad i could spend it with the ones i care...

since last year... i have some kind of weird urge to watch nausicaa on my b-days for some particular reason... so i watched it again today... though i didn't watch the whole movie, it still felt good and satisfying...

on to my presents, so sweet ^^

red pockets from my parents, like always... not sure what i'm going to do with it yet...

an h&m sale night invitation from my brothers girl... ^^

i've gotten some accessories and a cap from my <3... i love em all... my very first cap... yayyy (K) love the way he picked out the pieces <3 (sowieso gaan die stickers eraf XD)

and... i've also received a h&m gift card from his parents, sooo sweet ^^

and lastly, a present from work, a gift cube... which i can use to order a small gift from the shop... haven't figured out how it works yet... but the packaging of the cube is so much fun ^^ there is a sweet note on it and the cube pops out when i open the envelope-thing...

i'm tired already... probably going to bed early... and if i feel much better tomorrow, i'll be making a new vid ^^ xxx

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Isi said...

I would love to follow your Blog, but I can't... the funktion does not exsit on your site ( check my page then you can see what I mean: it's german for Follow/Folgen#) If you choose the funktion it would look the same.

let me know please

greetzt from germany