my new haircut

if someone was wondering what i asked my hairdresser:
i asked to have it short in the back and gradually longer to the front... i told her not to go too short on me though, because i haven't had a short cut for about 10 years :x... like always she cut my upper layers short, so i can wear my haircut as messy or as neat as i want ^^ and she kept my bangs the way i always have it, she just trimmed it and thinned everything down, because she always tells me that i have a lot of hair :x

the picture i showed my hairdresser is actually my own picture:

the faked short cut picture i showed at the end of my last post

now some pictures of my actual haircut, since some has asked... not great pictures, but i tried my best though :)

the back - not styled

left side - not styled

right side - not styled

front - not styled

front - styled


Xeel said...

that's a decent hair cut :p

Lil' Chiny said...

HOO YAUW JING ar !! hehehe

Hey. said...

Heeello. *:) Its kahyNGO from youtube. Remember the message about the reviews on CCTfashion or something like that? nice blog btw! Very cuuute!

Richard said...

nice hair cut ~

Jen Lam said...

thanks everyone ^^