the rest of 2009...

i decided to stay in amsterdam for the rest of 2009 :p sounds long, but it's just less than 2 weeks... just because i planned something for tomorrow... and have something to do on thursday... and i will be spending the first x-mas day in amstelveen... and the second x-mas day in amsterdam again... and also spend the last day of the year in amsterdam too... so it's easier for me to just stay here, instead of traveling back and forth... it saves some money too :p

and all i took with me is 1 bag of clothing... and just two pair of shoes :s will that be enough to create nice outfits? i just randomly packed some clothing! and brought some jeans... because it's sooo cold outside :x

and i actually bought some stuff to do some diy, but my bag was so heavy today that i couldn't bring it with me... hopefully i can grab some stuff tomorrow while shopping, so i can still make at least 1 diy video before x-mas... :x and probably gonna make it a sponsored video, since i probably (?) won't have enough time to make more before it gets 2010! :p

other than that... a few days ago (thursday)... i was here in amsterdam, and had to go back to almere for a few days to pack some stuff... (to prepare my long stay in amsterdam)... i wasn't prepared for the cold weather yet... and it was so cold that week (and still is)... that i wore everything i could find in my room... i found black and white stripped tights (which i got from my mom a long time ago)! i never wore it before since i'm not a big fan of black and white stripes... but i decided to wear it under my leggings, since my leggings are so thin (and a bit sheer too)... i could see the stripes through my leggings... and somehow i'm liking it! i'm probably going to wear those tights more often under my leggings!

hmmm what else... i might be going to post some ootd here on my blog (the comming 2 weeks)... or just make short video's? :x i don't know yet... haha it depends on what outfits i can create with the clothing in my bag :p and it also depends on how long the battery will last of my digital camera, since i forgot to get the charger :x but luckily i brought my macbook with me the last time i was here... and left it here... ^^ so i can use it these two weeks! yeay!

hmmm... i think that i have nothing more to say for now :) have a nice day! dress warmly! and stay healthy! :)


(C) said...

Ahaha, Macbook... Jen, you pretentious hipster!

hope you have a fun time on your winter break :]

Jen Lam said...

lol a macbook was all i could afford at that time :p i had a great deal ^^

thanks :) hope you enjoy yours too ^^

Richard said...

Hihi,Jen, i just view ur new video on youtube.Your snow man is cute!! My first snow man that i had been made was fail, it didn't even look like a 'man'~
haha,anyway, wish u Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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