my hair history :x

this will be a long post :x with lots of crazy pictures :x it's just me rambling about a new haircut... plus might be interesting for the people who has been asking about my hair lolx...

i've been thinking for a very long time now... about how i should cut my hair... my haircut have all grown out now, and is a total mess :x last time that i got a haircut was in hong kong... and i even didn't let it cut the way i wanted... i just asked for a shorter and lighter haircut, because of the hot weather... :x

and plus... i "have" this layered haircut for years now! :x

i think this was one of the first picture i took with this haircut :x 2007

so, now... i'm starting to get tired of this haircut... :x i want something else... but what? (that's why i have been asking other people's opinion, but it seems like no one can help me :()

let's go through some haircuts i had before... lol... (i was going through my external harddisk and just picked out some funny pictures as well... lol... i also noticed that some old pictures were damaged T_T which is a sad thing)

back to 2003, me and my best friend

i used to have very long hair :x (some more pictures taken in 2003 :p)

i'm sorry yush, but this pic is just too funny... and you can see my long hair, in the mirror... lol

it's funny to look back, and realize how much time has past...

x-mas 2003 dinner, i believe

on to 2004, still the same haircut :p

my old clothing style is so T_T

front view of the picture above :x

a better back view :p

it was a bored day and we decided to go "shopping", my friends would choose things they like, and i would try them on :p it was fun...

i think i started having bangs in 2005 :p

and i had even shorter bangs in 2006!

me and my dog

close up

full straight bangs :x

and cut it a bit shorter too, made me look even younger :x

and whenever i didn't like my hair, i would just curl it :x

lol... doesn't this look like a bowl-cut?

it wasn't a bowl-cut though...

at the end of the year, i decided to cut off my long hair, because i got tired of it :x

i kinda missed my long hair after cutting :x

in 2007 i was growing my bangs again...

and my hair got more voluminous... after this i got the haircut of the first picture of this post

another picture after that haircut

and another...

and now some other hair pictures ^^

reversed braid, catwalk inspired, lol


some classy big curls

some faked short cuts...

don't i look like a boy :s

inspired by bleach i think :p

some fake bobs... i always wanted one, but i was afraid to, and i'm seeing more and more people with this cut :x which made me don't want it... :s

and i like it messy like this...

hmmm... after browsing my history of my hair... i still don't know what to do... should i cut it short? but some certain people would kill me for that lol...

i made an appointment for wednesday at 1pm :x i might come back with a total new haircut? or would i go back to my old one, one more time?

(more pictures have been damaged than i first thought... :( ow noo!!)


Anonymous said...

You had so many hairstyles in the past! :D

Richard said...

tht is awesome ! nice post and nice hair as well

all the best~

CCC said...

Was that Rukia's hairstyle I saw in one of the pics? O.o

I think it's interesting how everyone looks and changes their appearance as the years go by. You went through many hairstyles haha

I'm so jealous of girls' hair and how they can make it into so many different styles

Jen Lam said...

@ccc, yea, that hairstyle was inspired by rukia lol :P i just did it for fun ^^

i changed my bangs a lot, which makes me look different... i really don't know what my next haircut will be :X

Lil' Chiny said...

WOW nice new haircut hahaha <3 it .. and those old pics great OLD TIMES huh :P hehehe lol @ yush hahaha