some new stuff

today i went shopping! :o... and i was so badly dressed today lol... (no "on-"ootd picture, lol) but i was wearing a black basic esprit top... and underneath a red sleeveless "wraptop"... and a pair of diy skinny jeans, which are too loose on me now... and my old... not-so-white-anymore boots :x lol... yes... that happens too :x when i'm not in the mood, and when it's really cold... i would just throw some random stuff on :x

but... well... my lovely not-so-white-anymore boots, isn't only not white anymore... but they also got holes in it :x it's so hard for me to find the perfect pair of flat boots... i went to every shoe store i could find, but i couldn't find any flat boots that i like :x i almost gave up... but thought i might check the store, where i got the white boots... it's not a shoe store... but they do sell shoes...

and i found these:

and i just bought them... they are real leather with suede straps... and i have to say... i'm not in love with them... but i think they are cute though... and it has the same shape as the white boots (what i like), probably because it's by the same brand (xx by mexx)... and plus... they were on sale... the original price was 129eur something and i got them for 49eur!

other than that... i also got these:

probably gonna make a diy out of this... but i have no idea how it will turn out... i just have the concept... :p never tried it out, so it will be like another experiment ^^... i really love the colors ^^ like a eggplant color and a really bright purple ^^

i really hope i can do it tomorrow... :x hope the lighting won't fail me :x since i won't be able to do it in the morning... :x hmmm or should i already try tonight?! :x


denise said...

same problem here :/ i never find the perfect flat boots and its just so uncomfy to walk in heels :o
i like the black ones though

Richard said...

lol..i just watch ur new video about the halterdress,that's very nice, u r amazing ..well done.

Have a merry christmas and Happy new year ~ xo
Richard > <

Jen Lam said...

@ denise - awww... you too eh?! i do like walking on high heels, but sometimes my feet really need a break!

thanks :)

@ richard - thanks :) i wish you a nice xmas and a happy new year too!! ^^