thank you giveaway (closed)

to thank you all i will be holding some small giveaways...

starting with the white hello kitty scood i made in the tutorial. it might not be perfect, but i put a lot of effort and love in making it :) so hope you will like it...

what you have to do?
  • just comment below, make it worth reading ^^
  • leave your youtube user name.

  • you have to be a subscriber of my youtube channel.
  • if you are not 18 years or older, you have to get parental permission.

the winner...
  • will be chosen randomly.
  • i will announce the winner at youtube or here...
  • i will message the winner through youtube after announcing, if the winner does not reply within a week, i will choose a new winner.

  • 27th of december, good luck ^^

P.S. i won't reply the comments, so it will be easier for me to randomly pick a winner... but i will definitely read them all ^^


    Olyvhia said...


    I love your vids!

    Sara said...

    hi !!!
    thank you so much for the giveaway..i would have never been able to make one of those myself XD i just wanted to say that i've been your subscriber since the beginning and still love your videos more and more!! i love how you have a little bit of everything on your channel^^ keep up the good wokr!! :) your diy's and ootd's are so aawesome! <3

    marina mercedes said...


    this is so amazing of you to giveaway something that you made and worked hard on :) your the best! i love your videos, they are so helpful and fun to watch. keep up the great work please. :D

    Josh Theone said...

    I would love to win the give away!! :D Even though I am male haha would be the perfect gift for that special someone ;) hehe I love your channel! :D I subscribed because of your origami star video a long time ago but stayed for your amazing fashion videos!!!
    YouTube name- americanjumpingbeen

    Victoria said...


    Your creativity is just amazing! I really love the wide range that your tutorials have. Hope you make more videos :]


    Anonymous said...

    Awh, i love ur vids, i was subbed to you a while back because i loved ur creative sense of style and wanted to learn how to create clothes, like you, using things that i already had, and you really helped me improve! I'd like the hello kitty scood because it's cold in canada :P.
    Never stop <3,

    Reem said...

    As i opened the video i was wishing that you'd be giving that away! i fell in love with it when i saw the tutorial but i can't make it cause I have exams now lol. I hope i win and thank you so much for all your videos they're all so great! :D

    username : ramroom999

    Black Twilight PONED said...

    I really like watching your DIY videos even though I don't have the materials to make them myself. I'd really like to try them for myself someday.

    This giveaway is really exciting for me. Especially since I love Hello Kitty. I've been wanting to make a scood for a while but haven't had the time with school and such for the cold weather. I would REALLY like to win this one. My youtube account is CerealBoxProductions. I hope you randomly pick me. :)

    Anonymous said...

    omy :O what a personal and special gift, one that is made by yours truly, jen :) id be so happy to win this because i know i don't have the patience, or the talent to make one as perfect as yours! ive been a loyal subscriber since you first started, i enjoy watching every one of your diys, hauls, ootds...:b you are an inspiration to us all! thank you! yt: piggiesmalls4

    MoNkEy said...

    herro~ haha. I found your youtube channel like.. last year-ish because i was looking for ways to use a scarf and then as I was browsing your videos i was like... amazing. this girl is brilliant. >o< only if i was as good as she is. HAHA i try a lot of your stuff you see. XD but anyway. Thanks for another awesome video and I'm a huge fan. And thanks for this giveaway.. ^^;;;
    youtube username: shoomonkey2

    Anonymous said...

    Youtube username: LuvEllieP

    I found you from Yesstyle which led me to your Youtube and now here! I just want to say, you inspire me to try out fashion designing and your videos actually save my old clothes (And my wallet..)!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the giveaway. :)

    jelly said...

    Thank you so much,the scood is adorable and you do not know how much i love hello kitty. i first found you channel because of your yesstyle purchases. Your diy's inspire me sooo much! <3

    lol forgot to write youtube name on the last one


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for this giveaway! My youtube username is Noiraaam :)
    Merry Christmas and greetings from France.

    Daintyliscious said...

    I'd love to win that to wear on these cold winter days in NYC and add a pop of cutsey fashion to my look YT: Daintyliscious

    sweetdove101 said...

    wooooooww..... i love your videos ...
    i really want to learn how to make soo many clothing ... :( .. too bad i didn't take Home Economics :( ...
    Ever since i found your video through a friend .. i watch mostly all within a week :P ... obsession much right :) ..Will always follow your channel and have a merry christmas
    p.s i would like to win for my best friend ..:) .. hope to see more awesome creative videos :3 chee~
    ~, sweetdove101

    Andrea said...

    This is beautiful,,your videos make my day,,thank you :)

    my youtube username is: DeaRijeka

    Daphne said...

    Your Youtube videos are really interesting; they inspired me to learn how to sew, especially those bow hair clips XD I love your DIYs~
    Merry Christmas & keep making videos!

    kimberly said...

    oooo thanx for hosting this giveaway ^A^ if its ok u can do more diy vids their always interesting :) btw its my b-day today oh and happy holidays ^//^

    Tiffany Mai said...

    Heeey. thanks very much for this giveaway. since it is near the holidays its great that your giving something away =DD. I couldnt sew something like that for my life even if my lfe depends on it. I JUST LOVE THAT HAT SO MUCH. I WANT IT HHARDCORE lol. Happ holidays XD


    greenbluebox said...
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    Ebony G. said...

    hi there! i really appreciate you hosting a giveaway for us! thats awesome! i hope i win!

    Anonymous said...

    username: missjuneii

    thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! The hello kitty snood is so adorable, I love your style and creativity.

    Chloee said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    mika3585 said...

    utube name angelofdeathstyle

    wow u r giving away that scood. i remember the first video i saw on ur channel it was the nana cosplay video and i loved every video u made and i would be so happy if i win it would be the first giveaway if i win and thank u for all of ur videos u made hope u have a good day week and life.please keep up the good work on ur videos u r one of the hand full of diy person on utuber that didn't always do a ootd love ur videos and thank u for all ur diy

    CinnamindyLuu said...

    I love your channel! You have such a great sense of style and all of your tutorials are easy to do! It's great to learn how to do a whole variety of things. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Hey! That's such a cute scood! If I do win it, I think my sister would really love that as a Christmas present. :DDDDD

    - thegeekyidiot

    asmaa said...

    hiiii ^o^
    first of all i wanna thank you for this give away i wanna thank you for being creative you make my day evry time i see your video i really enjoy it ^^ i love yor ootd too i wish i could make this scoodie but i can't :p keep it up girl and always keep the fight i love all your video ^3^ goobay and have nice day

    my YOUTube is B2TYblackjack

    Anonymous said...

    Hey my user name is Trippin2Kippen...haha its a funny story behind the name..you see in 6th grade i ram for class president and my slogan was "dont be trippin vote for kippen" and people picked on me about it :/ but i still kinda liked it...so i have come to accept it and if you think about it it actually has a deeper meaning to it...you see i went through a lot of trying to find my self in middle school and everything so i guess you could say i went from trippin to being kippen :)

    Marah said...

    This would be the most impressive and gorgeous gift to receive and cherish always!! Thank you for giving a most extraordinary and wonderful gift, it's the best for anyone of hello kitty passion. ^^ It's so cute the perfect who could resist uch cuteness. You did a very amazing job on this. It is definitely an adorable piece of art or work. You are a complete fashion artist and I just love what you ome up with. I hope you keep at this amazing creative talent you rock at it! Thank you so much hope for the very best in your future for it to be very very exciting and wonderful! A happy holidays and merry christmasto you!!! ^^ God bless you miss genius of such outstanding creative talent~!


    Anonymous said...

    You were the main reason I joined youtube. I loved watching your haul videos especially the YesStyle ones! Ah, I've loved that site ever since. Thank You SO MUCH!

    ~ ChopstickJunky (YOUTUBE)

    Aiko ;) said...


    I love your youtube~ It always inspires me to sew something :D Im always making skirts because they're a little easier, but you made oume grow out of it! So thank you so much <3 Plus I love your Hotel Dusk and Last Window OST music in the background. I love those games, lol! Anyways, thanks for having this giveaway~!! :)

    Laumins said...

    Hey, I have been watching your videos on youtube like 2 years for now, you have inspired me so much thought your tutorials and your advices. I have made so many stuff for others with ideas from your tutorials. I think of starting to film my own videos, because it is so cool to actually do something on youtube. And also this is so sweet of you that you are making a giveaway, hope you all the best! With love 4Gloomybear!( it`s my youtube(gigggles)

    Anonymous said...

    Hey!! I want to thank you so much for the contest giveaway. I usually don't enter giveaway cause I have no hope in winning but I really like that hello kitty hat. Your videos inspired me to learn how to sew and I have so thank you!

    youtube channel- beautyrevolution27

    Anonymous said...

    very cute <3 loved to watch the video how you made it, even i could never ever make one myself.


    Laumins said...

    I just wrote the longest letter to you, but I wasn`t logged in and it dissapiered. So I will start again ^^ I have been watching yourr videos like for 2 years now. But I know I have to write this to you. You have been so sweet and helpfull for everyone. I have used your tutorials to make presents to my my friends and parents. Your videos are easy to follow and you are truly beautiful from inside to outside from nails to toes. And I think you are so sweet that you made a giveaway for christmas time :)I wish you all the best for christmas!

    Kristin said...

    awwww you're so sweet :3 thanks for the giveaway and thanks for the awesome vids!! ^^ i love watching them! you're so creative & i love your style! c: i've actually even tried a few of your tutorials - mine didn't turn out so well (i'm horrible at sewing hehe) but they were fun and i'm getting better :D and the hello kitty scood is SOOO CUTE!!!:D /spazzes/ sorry lol I love hello kitty & scoods >.< anyways thank-you again for having the giveaway~ and i look forward to seeing more cool tutorials ♥ :D oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and happy new year c:
    annnd my yt is kanseth c:

    03jktd said...

    YT: 03jktd
    Thank you for the giveaway! I try to do your DIYs but i suck at sewing so they never come out as well as yours lol I still love watching your videos anyways and your style is so cool & unique!

    Keiko said...

    Just wanna say that i love watching your videos because you inspire me soooo much!! i actually don't remember how i found your channel on youtube because it is so long ago, but keep doing what you do because i LOVE it! AND thank you for this giveaway :D
    Ps. every time i watch your videos it remindes me that you live in germany and i live in denmark, we are practically neighbours LOL :D
    Youtube username: Awadstyle

    Keiko said...

    Just wanna say that i love watching your videos because you inspire me soooo much!! i actually don't remember how i found your channel on youtube because it is so long ago, but keep doing what you do because i LOVE it! AND thank you for this giveaway :D
    Ps. every time i watch your videos it remindes me that you live in Germany and i live in Denmark - so we are practically neighbours LOL :D
    Youtube username: Awadstyle

    03jktd said...

    YT: 03jktd
    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I've been wanting a Scoodie ever since you made the tutorial! I even tried making it but it just didnt turn out as well as yours did lol Im not much of a sewer so Im super glad your doing this giveaway!

    Samantha Marie said...

    Well, Hello. :D
    I'm xox3Samanthamarie on YT.
    Thank YOU for all the great videos! You are so creative! You come up with really cute, fashionable ideas to DIY. I also love your style. Your OOTD are always amazing and fun to watch. :3

    The scood you made looks great, btw! I think you did an awesome job. The Hello Kitty idea and how you made it was GENIUS. (;
    I like it a lot.


    Anonymous said...

    Heyy :D
    I love your videos and I like the fact that your giveaway is something you made which makes it more special :)
    Youtube username: bbyd33

    Sandy Trinh said...

    Hii~ Thank you so much for having this giveaway! It's the best present to receive, in my opinion, because of all this cold weather. And Christmas is coming up too!:) I once saw you on the yesstyle website, and I've just been so amazed by your works! And BTW, I just wanted to say that your sense of style is AMAZING!!! Your style has influenced the way I dressed:) (which is a good thing) because I used to dress with sweats and all that LOL! Now, I dress fashionably and my friends say that I've changed style-wise haha^^ Your videos has opened me up to see the world of fashion and I'm lovin' it! Thank you so much for your hard work, and can't wait for Dec.27!^^

    Youtube Username: reflectionsx3

    GigglyShamz said...

    Love you videos!!! And thanks for the giveaway I'm sure the scood is gonna be awesome!!! I love how diverse your videos are :D <3

    The True Azn Heart said...

    Thank you so much for making the time to make videos and tutorials!I enjoy making the things that you made and my friends always ask me where i get my clothing!You are an inspiration to me!I think this is a very cute scood!Its very creative!
    Thanks very much for making a giveaway!

    Love, animeasiangirl

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! Thank you for this amazing giveaway, I watch your videos all the time and been a subscriber for a long time. Your videos are inspirational and let me just add that you are SO creative. You're really good at tutorials and every time I try them, I fail ahhaaha!! Your style is goooorgeous and don't give up on videos! my channel is ohditsjs :]

    Jer said...

    Youtube: jerrica17
    thanks for the giveaway!
    I really like the scoodie XD

    Sara said...

    hello !
    thank you for having this giveaway because i cant make the hello kitty scood): and i wanted to give it to my basketball coach for christmas ! she loves anything with hellokitty and to show her my gratitude i want to win this giveaway to give her this gift ! it is really cute and i loveyour channel make more giveaways ! kekek i love your diy's and ootd's thank you for making videos !
    Youtube name: doITritexD

    Anonymous said...

    Hey <3
    my subscriber name is krystcy
    love the hoodie!!

    muchlove from the netherlands

    kRnTeDii said...

    i love all of your videos...as many have commented below >.< every time i watch a video of yours, i get inspired to try and make it too...but i always end up making it weird..it's not as pretty as when you make it!! >0< but i still have fun attempting..hahaha anywho, thanks for such an amazing giveaway!(: <3


    Leno said...

    omfgomfgomfgomfgomfg HJBAJCAKFHKLASJVNHSKJVNKSJVNKSVBSKV SERIOUSLY YOU'RE GIVING US THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THIS?! <3 TTWTT SLDKJSLFKJSLFJ <3 I've been like following you for 2 years and i lovelubbahdubbahlovelove your vids, aaaaand I'm not crafty at all which is a bit ironic XD I wish though that i could be 'cause i love all the things you sew :*( ok. now. I'm. gonna. stop. writing. no. yes. no. ISUIFHJUDH <3
    anyhow, my username is MissMangaLuver and I made it up when I was like eleven. There wasn't a username that I could use that was spelled correctly so yeah, LUVER. Now i'm probably not going to win because i'm weird.. .__. WELL I'M A REBEL!! awh yeah! XD

    thuy-linh nguyen said...

    Hi hi!
    I'm Thuy-Linh Nguyen and my youtube name is lilaznchikarita (omg... please don't judge me on my name. I made it a REALLYYYYY long time ago and I just kept it haha! its still kinda embarrassing LOL! >_<)
    Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you SOOOOOO much for your channel and this give away. I've subscribed to you since the beginning and I love it when I see one of your videos on my updates ^_^ I especially love your tutorials because they're so creative and easy to do. Keep up the amazing work!! :)

    Irisen said...

    hi! thanks for the giveaway ^^ love your vids and your style!

    YouTube: Irisen84

    jjustlearn said...

    THANKS for this giveaway ,Your videos are informative and easy to learn from, I look forward to seeing You in all your videos ... thanks for every thing

    AhKey said...

    I'm so happy that you created this giveaway! I'd be glad to win it, but even if I don't, I want to try using your tutorial to assist me to make one. :D I'm more of a newer YT subscriber of yours, but your DIYs are amazing! Haha, I actually found you through learning how to make regular jeans into skinnies. LOL. I hope you continue to make more DIY videos. <3 MERRY HOLIDAYS & THANK YOU! :)
    YouTube; ahkeyisaSTAR

    Anonymous said...

    hi!!!!! thanks for doing your videos and this giveway i have watched all of your vids they are awesome!

    youtube: crazygirl 7456

    Anonymous said...

    Hi!my name is cinthya and I really love your tutorials, and specially i love this cuz it's so pretty and im hello kitty fan! so i hope be the winner (: thanks for share with us all the tutorials! good bless(:
    My username in youtube is: nekonegro060606

    Anonymous said...

    youtube: vkwt
    :D the scood looks so cute ^_^

    Zeineb said...

    Just wanna say this is soo kind of you to give away something that thoughtful and beautiful, so thank you so much. And I love your videos, so keep up the great work=) Once again thanks! =)

    Youtube: zeineb9007

    dearbdiary said...

    Hey Jen! I've been watching your vidoes for quite some time now! Over a year i believe! And I must say that you are one of my favourite youtbers! I always look forward to your creative tutorials! Thank you for taking your time to make these videos and for holding this giveaway! ^.^ Happy Holidays <3

    My youtube username: dearvdiary


    Anonymous said...

    youtube username: macluver1000

    Hi Jen!!

    First I have to say that I've loved you and your videos since the beginning!! You are one of the most talented youtuber I've seen to date and I wish someday to be like you. I've watched all of your DIY vids even though I know that I will never in this lifetime be able to make one :( Of all of the incredible amazing creations you've created, I've fallen in love with this hello kitty scood the moment I saw it. I've even hunt the shops for one similar to the one you made but to no luck :( They have all types of furry animal scoods but not hello kitty.. why oh why??? Yours is one of a kind, it would be such an honor for me to be able to win this giveaway. I can finally say that not only have I gotten myself a hello kitty scood, but I've gotten a one of a kind creation from my favorite youtuber. That would be a dream come true. Happy Christmas Jen.


    Kelsey said...

    Youtube Username: CraftTiger16

    I love your videos and you scood is adorable. i watch all of your videos and i've made all of your DIY crafts. i also love your sense of style.

    kristixo said...


    oh my goodness, THIS IS SOO ADORABLE AND CUTE! I love it. You are so artsy and crafty. We appreciate your art work! It's the best

    Thuy Linh said...

    first of all, I have to say that you're awesome! ^^
    I don't have the talent for sewing and stuff like that, but somehow I still like to watch your videos and I really enjoy it =)
    Your soo creative! That's great! ^^ Keep doing great videos!
    Greetings from Germany! =)


    Anonymous said...

    greetings from Germany!!!!!!!
    I do enjoy your videos n the way you present them. simpl n very lovely.

    Keep it up :))

    joann said...

    Hi im XThexDyingxBreedX,
    I really love your youtube channel i found u when i was trying to make a spirithood and ur diy animal scoody was actually the firt vid i saw from u instant subscribe! i made a black n white bear scood its not as great as your tho...oh and i really love your fashion videos too you are very very pretty and your sooo nice for doing this giveaway too i really hope i win:)

    Damsel In Love said...

    Happy early Holidaysssss. hehe Love the cute hoodie. You make the cutiest things. When ever i dont have inspiration to make something i always wait for your vids to see what you put up. OH and love your hauls to. So different from the rest of the gurus hauls that i see everyday. Anyways thank you for the givaway and Love your channel.

    Tiffany said...

    Hi! Thank you so much for doing a giveaway :) I always get so excited when you post a video online and I hope you continue doing youtube for a long time! Happy holidays to you!

    Jenny said...

    I actually never won something. Ever. But I'll try anyway! :D
    Thank you so much for the giveaway. It's suuuuper cuute! If I don't win, I'll try making one like that myself:)
    Anyway, your videos are awesome!
    Youtube Username: MissterLetsGo

    Kali said...

    my youtube username is AznTenshiKiyuChan xD

    awh, thank you for making this giveaway, and i lovee your videos! i love doing DIY stuff and your vids have awesome instructions xD and it's easy to understand :D i love your style too ;DD

    bigbangluver1011 said...

    Hi! I love your tutorials and I someday wish to be somewhat like you. Every time I watch your vids I want to go out and buy supplies, but I'm always broke:(. I love you!!'

    Anonymous said...
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    Mary Nguyen said...

    hi there,
    i've been subscribed to you for a while now, and i just love watching your quirky and interesting videos. you definitely stand out amongst the other youtube users to me. thank you so much for making your videos so we can all watch them and learn from you.

    youtube name:missroboto

    Anonymous said...

    Every time I see another one of your videos I get so excited and disappointed at the same time. Excited with your work, disappointed in myself for never having attempted a large sewing project. loool. sigh, I always wonder if buying a sewing machine would be a good investment even if I'd make only like 2 things per year during holidays :P

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway (I LOVE THIS SCOOD)! Hope you keep doing what you love, you have talent :)

    When you have time, can you make some more fashion re-styling vids? I loved the ones with scarves and with heels and leg warmers~


    Kit said...

    I love that your tutorials are easy to understand, and that you encourage us to use what we have instead of spending money. You have such a sweet personality, and thank you for putting so much effort into these projects and showing us how to make them. :] Thank you for doing this giveaway, and for inspiring us to be creative!

    My youtube username is xPixi3
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Rinrin said...

    Hello! <3 I love your tutorials. They are just so creative ! They inspire me to be crafty and make my own accessories/clothing, but I'm pretty sure that they won't come out as good as yours >< I honestly wish that I had that kind of creativity x-x I'm jealous hahaha. But, thank you for all of your videos and the giveaway:] You're definitely one of my favorite people on YT <3

    xEnCii said...

    Hello Jen, I absolutely love your videos! Especially when they are adorable tutorials or hauls. You're so creative! Hope to see more lovely videos from you soon ♥


    jasminephung said...

    hey, you've always been my favourite guru :D and I love your fashion style! :D Keep up the good work (: LOVE it all, and hope you have a great holiday! :D i'm still studying... unfortunately :>

    username: phuunggdiary

    oOPocky_33 said...

    Hi Jen~
    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love your tutorials. I'm so jealous of your talent >__< I wish I can sew like that lol. I actually tried some of your tutorials and some of them worked, and others...well...lets just say I'm not very good with my hands XD You have a really cool style too, but I can't pull it off like you haha. The Hello Kitty scood is adorable! And I look forward to seeing more of your vids in the future!~ <3

    youtube: stina5547107

    roxi-shadow said...

    I think your tutorials are awesome! I love original things and they always look so professional. Even if i dont win this I would still like to say how much we appreciate your work! :)

    roxi-shadow said...

    Damn wrong account :P

    I think your tutorials are awesome! I love original things and they always look so professional. Even if i dont win this I would still like to say how much we appreciate your work! :)

    Anonymous said...


    I love your videos! They're very different from other DIYers and fun. I love it when your videos come out because the items your produce are items that I've never seen before. I am simply amazed by all your ideas. The simplicity of your tutorials make it enjoyable. C:

    Thank you so much!

    My Youtube name is: rainbowcowsonice

    imaginedlife said...

    Hi, Jen! So I've been subscribed to your YouTube channel a little over two years now and you have inspired me to create new accessories and pieces out of the simplest things! Your videos are so helpful and creative! You truly are a talented and beautiful person (: Thanks so much for taking time to create such helpful videos ~ <3

    patwearshats ^_^

    julie said...

    I would love to win this scootie! It's so adorable, and I absolutely love your videos! They really inspire me to start altering and making my own clothes, especially since your videos are really easy to follow. Haha I'm always excited when I see you post up a new video, so keep posting! I hope I win XD

    youtube: chewieejuliee

    -Merelle said...

    Helloou! :)
    i have seen so many giveaways and this is first, where i want to attend. Why?
    Because you are fkign amazing. i always watch all your videos up to the end and read all your posts.
    i enjoy looking people who can make something more than just talk.Girl, your hands are made of gold!
    oh, fuckthis giveaway! i still hate this kind of shit. :D
    i just want to say you that you are really amazing! i even don't know why i haven't say it before.. Good luck and be happy! :]


    -Merelle said...
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    ViVi(: said...
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    vivian said...

    hhhey thank you so much for this giveaway, i've been subscribed to you since the near beginning and you've inspired me so much! make videos forever (:
    my youtube id is: bunniehero
    email: bunniehero@gmail.com
    thanks again (:

    bluekiwixpx said...

    i have just started to watch your videos, but i love them because you are creative and you make things that are adorable. after i watched your videos i got inspired to try how to sew and i made a scood, though it didn't come as i had planned. i have become a fan of yours after watching your videos. i also love the outfits you wear in videos, not only are you creative but stylish. i love how your diy's and ootd's. i would love to win your giveaway and i also hope you continue making your videos and also that you continue having fun making them. :)

    tachibana said...

    Hi :)
    I love your DIY and fashion videos.
    The stuff you taught are very easy to make and super AWESOME!The kitty scood is so adorable<3
    Thanks for your giveaway:)
    youtube username:HitomiHeart1

    Anonymous said...

    thank you for the giveaway! i love your videos they are so helpful to me! I've learned alot from you! ohh and he hello kitty scood is so adorable! well, thank you again! :)
    Youtube: jinwoo1183581
    thanks <3

    Anonymous said...

    love hello kitty! i dont think ill be able to make one of it myself.. lol.. & love your sense of styles.. keep up the good work & thanks for the giveaway..

    Wardah said...

    warif93 or warif93@gmail.com

    Hey, Jen! Well, I love your scoods and your ootds and your hauls and your diy videos. I love how you manage to make everything so creative even though its a silent video. I would really love the hello kitty scood! I was planning on getting a friend to make it for me but a ljenmf original would be so much better! xD

    See ya around. Wardah

    Anonymous said...

    yolo= you only live once..
    i believe your giveaway will be one of a kind.. i would love to win the giveaway!! :)

    username: teeheefishy

    franielovesyou(きょうこ) said...

    OMG<3 I freaking love ur sewing videos and u inspire me to make things too! I watched ur panda costume video and made it for my halloween costume(: everyone loved it! keep making videos pleeease
    btw i'd love to win the giveaway because i reallly want to wear that cute handmade hello kitty hat that YOU made around and it'll keep me warm while staying cute(:
    youtube username is cupcakeheart12

    Twinkle said...

    hi! I love watching your videos cause you always come up with all these awsome ideas to share with us. I found you from Yestyle which led me to your Youtube and now here. thanks you for hosting this awsome givaway! my youtube user name is lovegirlstar.

    ELiza123 said...

    Hii ljenmf,
    i'm elizagurung.first of all thank you very much for this giveaway contest. this hello kitty scood is so cutee that i wanted to wear this in winterr. i cant make one because it's too hard for me. Your videos are full of inspiration & i love them all. Thank you for letting us know about you ideas they are so helpful. Keep on making you videoss ~ goodluck~


    Ayesha P said...

    hi! thanks for announcing a giveaway.. shows how much you really care! really love you tutorials, especially your mini origami ones, really love em! hope you have a happy and safe christmas and recieve many gifts! hope to see more tutorials in the future :)

    tiffanyjulee said...

    thanks for the giveaway!!
    i cant believe you are giving away your hello kitty scood!!
    im so glad cause i tried making your panda outfit for halloween but that never worked :(
    too advanced for me....T.T
    but this giveaway is making me SO happy!!! :D hehe
    anyways, thanks for doing this giveaway and PLEASE keep up with your tutorials!!!
    i LOVE them!!!! :D
    than, TOODLES!!!


    Cindy Xie said...


    I love your diy videos and I think you have a great sense in fashion just by viewing your OOTD videos. The hello Kitty scood is makes a really cute gift for xmas. I hope you continue to make more of these diy videos for us. :)

    Elisabeth said...

    ive followed your youtube for a long time and i absolutely love the stuff you make even though i suck making stuff its fun to watch:) wanted to make the HK scood but no can do lol:D
    Love your vids ^_^

    Youtube name: Yummychums1

    Trinity said...

    hi jen! i hope you are doing better, i've been a subbie of yours for a long time, and PLEASE never stop what you do, you give me ideas, projects and creativity that i never knew i had. thank you for the giveaway but most of all i thank you of the creativity and projects you have brought to the youtube community.

    h3lloW3ndy said...

    Thanks for the giveaway. I really love the hello kitty scood. Please do more DIY, fashion and haul videos ^^


    Anonymous said...

    hey there,
    love that scoodie, I subscribed a couple of months ago, I was looking for tutorials on how to crochet a scoodie and ur video came up, the black hoodie looked knitted until I started watching, I actaully grabbed a few ideas from u. I was gathering research before I start and you said outline ur fav hoodie. that saved alot of guessing and effort. thanks ^_^ I since made 3 scoodies. I love love love the hk scood!!! can't wait till I get the material....so ingenious, and cute. kinda winder if hk thought if it themselves. great job.

    YouTube Id

    Anonymous said...

    Been a huge fan of your vids for a while now and I love how you;re so original and always make cute things :) I love your OOTD's too, your personal style is really nice, simple but chic :) Keep up the good work! xx

    Youtube username: waitforit45

    itzel said...

    :D hiii
    woow this giveaway is the best! cause is something original and the cutest thing ever :p this kitty scood and your panda cape are my favoritese so happy if I win :D hehe for you I wanna lern how to sew

    I dont know if its international cause im from México :p but anyway
    I just want to say that I love aall your videos you are so creative and I love your style hehe sorry for my bad english :s

    my youtube account is miranda7itzel :D

    Lee said...


    Oh my gosh! I want it sooo bad!! ^_^ I tried making one by following your tutorial (on the black one you made) for my boyfriend but it came out horrible!! and then I saw that you could put ears on them and I wanted one for myself. haha. I am in love with the Hello kitty scood you made! Oh my gosh! Even if I dont get the giveaway GOODJOB!! It looks AMAZING! I'm inspired by you!

    Ive always worn tongue rings as earings too. ^_^

    Am Giang said...


    I don't remember how long I have been subscribed to you but I do remember one day I was trying to find a tutorial to help me with something and yours showed me how to do it best. After I watched that video, I continued to watch all of your videos throughout the week. I love everything you create and I love your choice of songs^^. Thank you for giving us a chance to have something you made:].

    GenjitsuSama said...

    Early message from me Merry Christmas! Glad to see you have a sewing machine now and putting it to good use. Cant wait to see what other great tutorials you do without hand sewing now. Have fun, stay safe, and Happy Holidays! :)

    YouTube name-GenjitsuSama

    rebeckyyyful said...

    Thanks so much for doing this :) I love how you're always so talented at doing DIY stuff

    Meaghan S. said...

    aw...your tutorials are so cute,thank you so much.seriously your tutorials are a really big help. i absolutely love your videos please keep uploading!by the way i find your giveway so adorable!>//w//<
    youtube username:meggymagic515

    Jennifer Y (jennyboo_sushigurl@hotmail.com) said...

    i love your DIY's =)
    thanks for the giveaway!

    Anonymous said...


    i first found your videos because i needed diy tutorials without a sewing machine. your voiceless vids and easy to understand steps made me an instant subscriber <3 thanks for the giveaway

    Katrina.xox said...

    Hello :) Thank you soo much for the giveaway! Hope it goes to someone who will really appreciate all of the hard work you put into it. I would love to make the scood myself but i can't afford the materials.. Have a great Christmas xx

    0hMiliGee said...

    I would actually love to win this for my cousin. She loves hello kitty and actually I had never met her before. She used to live in Chicago but she recently moved to California and we get along great, she's like a sister to me now :)

    Lish said...

    Hi Jen!

    I first stumbled upon your youtube channel on facebook when a friend posted up your How To Wear Mens Shirt video! I found it very good and continued to watch all your videos. Love how you are so resourceful with the little or what you already have! You inspired me to get my own cloth scissors and make 'new' clothes out of my old/unwanted clothes! I am not as gifted in sewing and design as you are so..they aren't very nice =:s But I still love your ideas!

    My youtube name: lalluviayyo

    Ikaw Lamang said...

    Hello :]
    I'm a fan of your videos. I subscribed after learning how to make the panda hoodie and cape. Which i made for one of my friends for her birthday present. Thanks to your tutorial she really liked it. Also i really like your other DIY projects. Makes me want to do more and experiment. Thank you for uploading these videos and teaching me something new:]
    azuni's channel
    chewin' some mochi

    Ms Left said...

    Youtube username: msmabelllll

    Hi, I like your vids! You make it seem so easy to make but I tried it and left a mess all over my room! ):

    Please continue doing these DIY fashion and I hope I'll be able to successfully do something one day! :D

    Merry Christmas!

    HeoNo said...

    Thank you for the giveaway, the scood is so adorable :3
    I always love to watch your DIY videos they are the best :D

    Youtube: HeoNo

    lotte said...

    I would love one
    en ik ben nederlands dus weinig verzendkosten haha
    xx lolotchick

    Achrisnic said...

    Heya Jen,

    I love the time and effort you put to make these videos. Glad to see you are giving away one of works of art xD. It would be a good present for one of my girl friends (err I don't think it would suit me..lol >.<).
    Hope you had a great year and a hoilday break ^^

    ~ Achrisnic ~

    Lisa said...

    I would love to enter this giveaway :D and thank u for inspiring us with your great vids ^^ my YT name is: lisatranthi :) hugs xx

    Shekinah said...

    I love to have that.. i will really use it. ANd i watch all you vids.. Thank you for all the tips.. Merry Christmas and may the Lord Bless you! Muah.. Much Love <3

    YT: KaiGotJesus

    Amie Wong said...

    thanks so much for making a tutorial on how to make a scood. I actually wanted to make one some time ago but I was't really sure on how to do it. If I do end up making one, it would be a Gloomy Bear scood with little claws at the end and made with furry fabric and I'll definitely show you. :D

    kpopluvs said...

    The first few vids that i had watched from you are the origami vids.. I really like how you make the most simplest things to something so beautiful. Your DIY vids too, makes me want to make them myself, but i don't have the materials and the skills.. I once made a little plushie bear BUT it failed T.T The size was totally off and i had trouble sweing it together.. Its like 3 years ago and still not completed :X And I'm a big fan of Sanrio!! Esp. Hello Kitty ,My Melody, Chococat, Kuromi and Keroppi! Now that you have a Hello Kitty scood to give away, i really wish to own it! Its soooo cute!!
    I hope you like my comment! It doesn't really matter if i didn't win this, but it'll be nice to have this scood! :D
    Oh and my yt user name is SerenTann :D

    P.S. I littered my study table with your how-to-fold triangular hearts :P

    Anonymous said...

    hey :D
    i found u by yesstyle.com, n since then i've been admiring ur talent hehe, but i watch ur vids but i dont try them since i always fail. BUT i tried the pom pom benie, a long long time ago, that worked :D
    thatsu for making awesome vids! keep it up (Y)

    imsimonee said...

    aww Love the scood !
    I want to enter :)


    itxiar said...


    Ab Bargha said...

    Give it to me... Otherwise I Will eat Darius alive...!!! xD


    Ab Bargha

    greenbluebox said...

    i'm so happy knowing that you'd make it as a giveaway cause i love your videos in youtube (tutorials/diy/review/ootd's)..i really like to win this giveaway cause you made this scood and it feels like an honor wearing something you made..i'm so amazed with your site/video because i myself have no talent for sewing/fashion..but you inspire me to try ^_^ it's great that you keep intouch with us by having giveaway ♥ more power to you and thank you also for being a such help for us!
    youtube: commentbox123

    Ngoc Nguyen said...

    Youtube: Ngoc04

    I found your videos from looking for Yesstyle hauls but I subscribed to you because I absolutely love your sense of style and your creativity!

    Sam said...

    hi...how r u?...this is my 1st comment on your blog....i just love video so much....i told my mom and my grandmom about your video...i love hello kitty...and after watching your video i love hello kitty more..thank you so much :)

    Cassy said...

    Im so happy that you are doing a giveaway for your subbies ^^! Ive been following you for a while now and I love you videos. Your video's have inspired me to make many wonderful thing and get back into sewing ^^ Thank you for everything!
    Youtube account : cassygurlx3

    Julie P said...

    youtube: azndorkii

    thank you so much for this giveaway! i really enjoyed your tutorial on your HK scood :D i want to make one too but i dont have a sewing machine.. ): i also want to tell you that i've been following you on youtube for months now and i enjoy your videos (: you're really talented and beautiful <3 the first video i remember watching from you was the heart origami and it inspired me to make my bf an anni present from it heheh [still not done with it, sadly - so many pieces to fill up a jar! >_<] (: ever since then, i just haad to subscribe!~ keep inspiring :3

    Aiyaa said...

    Hello :]

    First, thank you so much for giving us the oportunity of the giveaway. I must say the first video I saw from you was the one where you showed us so many ways of wearing a man's blouse! I was impressed and subscribed right away! All of your videos are so original, you are very creative and so inspiring. I also like the choice of music you have for your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. Continue the awesome work! My youtube user name is XxNajmaxX
    Again, thank you for everything and happy holidays :D

    Anonymous said...

    Youtube name: Stythe

    I came for the cute folding tutorials. Stayed for the cute everything else. <3

    Your videos make me smile. :3

    Have a great Christmas; everyone deserves it!

    Yummii said...

    youtube: dayummii

    I love all your sewing DIY videos. I always admire people who a have such amazing creativity! Each time I try somehow I always end up screwing something up but still I love watching what people can create! I love your DIY's and hope to see more soon!

    Desole said...

    It's so cuuuute
    Oh my god I love it :)

    joice said...

    hello! i love your videos~
    i went through a DIY obsession stage (still am :P) & i subscribed to a bunch of DIYers on youtube but you are the one i keep referring back to.
    thank you so much for your tutorials!
    youtube username is jkoiicme.

    Anonymous said...

    So pretty! I wanna try to make it, but i barely no the basic of sewing, everytime i make something its just by luck ><!

    YT: LumiJing

    Jenny said...

    Woa ! So many blubs !!

    Anonymous said...

    YOUTube name^
    ANyways , ill keep this short & sweet.
    Ilove your channel , even though most of The time I can't make the stuff, I just enjoy watching them , cuz I find then interesting. (:

    Bubbblexgum said...

    I was at hot topic the other day and I saw something similar to that. It's super cute! (: Thanks for the giveaway~

    Cristina (xloveoutloudx) said...


    Heyy! I want to say first off, thanks for this contest! And also, I really like your video's, your amazing at making things. Your very creative and change things in ways I can't come up with. <3 Keep 'em coming!! XD

    Noel said...

    I always thought you had such amazing skills when it came to making pieces such as this scood. You are a very creative person, I always want to try new crafty things when I watch your videos! Also your fashion sense is amazing ^_^ (youtube account: nlle043)

    єιℓєєи χυє said...

    Hey! I love your DIY tutorials! You're so creative, definitely got a lot of inspirations from you. Looking forward to future videos! :D

    Youtube name: 31l33n

    Crack said...


    I love all your tutorials!! :D Thanks for the give away!

    serenadang said...

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway! It's an extremely valuable gift since it is hand made by YOU, and not simply a store bought product, or a mere gift card. You are amazing!

    myzzio said...

    HEyyy girl!!! I would love to win the scoodie. I attempted to make my own after I watched your video and the attempt was unsuccessful :( Ive been subscribed to you on youtube for a while now (definitely over a year) and you are still one of the few ytbers that I like to receive emails from when you upload a new video. Luv ya lots!!! Happy Holidays!! ps: my youtube user id is: myzzio

    Ichigo Tenma said...


    Thank you so very much for all that you have done! I really am grateful to you for your videos. I have been a follower since the beginning ANd I would like to say that you have improved a lot and I hope you make more and more videos to come! I also want to say that it makes me sad yet happy and proud that your doing this give-away because it's something you worked hard on and even gave us a tutorial on it. SO thank you once again and I wish you the best. ^.^ Have a Happy Holiday and I can't wait to see and view more from you as well as learn things I didn't know.
    Take good care, and Thank you once again

    ~ Ichigo. (my user name is up top.)

    Maria Helena said...

    Loved it =D
    youtube username: helenasuka

    mayra said...

    Hey thank you for having a giveaway, since its so close to the holidays. I want to give something like this to my bestfriend, she loves hellokitty. Happy Holidays and new year!

    Youtube username: themymys

    Olivia said...

    OMG I can't believe your giving away the hello kitty scood you madeO^O how nice of you Thanks:)...We should be thanking you since you always made your vids easy to follow for everyone and always comes up with great ideas that we can make. Thanks to you, I have cool presents to give my fam or friends:3 thank you!

    MintArchAngel said...

    Wow. Thanks for this opportunity. I started following you for your tutorials and though I've yet to make any of them. [School =__=] Oh yeah! I was really *O* when I saw the scoodie video because I know that my friend really wanted to make one :D So I sent it to them and they were excited too ^ ^ [YouTube: MintArchAngel]

    celine said...


    you're so sweet jen all your ootd's are always cute and i've been subscribed to yo for a long time so i've sort of watched you grow :) progress-wise. hope life's going great for ya and i want that scood! :D

    chelletastic said...

    I've been subbing for awhile now, but I actually want to thank you for all your creative videos. The reason for thanking you is because after years of not sewing, I got inspiration from your tutorials and have returned to sewing, which is something I enjoy doing. Your creativity is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing your skills with us!
    Chelle x

    Youtube username: wickedelegance

    Anonymous said...

    this is so creative! hopefully i can learn how to make things after watching your videos :)


    SwEEts__cOcOa said...

    Thank you so much for this cute giveaway. I always love your tutorials so fast and easy. I'm so going to try the hello kitty myself even if I don't win cause too cute as well as I can make it for my friends. Your such an inspirations to me because i'm also into fashion as well as sewing and creating my own vintage or inspired clothing. Thanks again for this awesome giveaway, can't wait for your next tutorial.

    Jenzy said...

    i just recently found your video through facebook from yesstyle.com. the second i saw your video i fell in love with your work. they are absolutely cute! ^^. i hope i can win this giveaway. and also hope you continue post tutorials for us. Thank you for showing us your work.i really really love it!

    小公主浪跡天涯 said...

    I wishh to win it so I can give it to my sis! O: She's a hello kitty lover. x)


    susan said...


    I love your DIY's !
    I actually started a 'business' with the chain link rings ;)
    haha. Keep up the good work!
    & the scood is adorbs. (;


    Azar703 said...

    Hi. I Love Your Videos. I love the scood. I hope i can win it and give it to my special friend. She has given me so much and i hope i can at least give her something special for Christmas. I'm going to try and make one and see if it can turn out as good as yours. Thanks you for the tutorial. :D
    Happy Holdiays!

    Youtube Username: andreas703

    Miriam said...

    That scood is really cute! I would love to get it and I really like that you are giving away something you've made yourself! :)

    my youtube username is: miriammiriamv

    KawaiiPandas said...

    This hello kitty snood is so adorable! And I think it's great that you're giving one away :) The DIY's you do are great, I can't wait to try them out :D Thank you for this giveaway ♥

    YouTube: TheKawaiidreamer

    Laura said...

    I love all of your videos! I have made a few things and there has been so many more that I still want to make! I especially loved this one (I am pretty much in love with hello kitty) and I almost went out and bought fabric after watching it so that I could make one of my own. Unfortunately I knew that I should pay my phone bill instead of buying fabric. So I am still without a hello kitty scood. =( It would be so awesome to win this! Right now it is sonwy and rainy where I live, so it would be nice to have something like a hello kitty scood to help keep me warn inside and outside this winter!! thanks for the chance to win! love you and your videos!

    Sayra McCartney said...

    i love what you did ^^
    because i love hello kitty,
    i just found your channel in yesstyle! and i love it!, i really like diy things but i'm not good at it -.-
    well, i'll be waiting for more videos! maybe i can learn a little bit : )

    xloveeashleyy said...

    YT: xloveshelly
    I think it's really sweet to make a giveaway.I really like your DIY videos and OOTD videos & your stles.
    I hope you keep on making videos cause I really love them. :D

    Anonymous said...

    You're so creative~
    Love your tutorials and videos! Thank you for your effort. I know how it feels to put in so much work into my creations; thanks for sharing your ideas with us~

    (youtube username)

    sarah said...

    my youtube username is dasom94

    ive been a subscriber to you for awhile and i love all your diys and ootd!

    Senia Gomez said...

    YT account xNINJAPIXIEx

    :) I'm so excited you're doing this giveaway because when I saw your video I LOVED IT!! Thank you soooo much for this giveaway!! :) You're awesome!

    Amber said...

    Wow! I love your blog. I'm glad you did this giveaway, because I discovered your blog because of it. :)

    I still remember when I first saw you through your origami star video!

    You're very pretty and creative. Thank you for always inspiring me. :)

    -Amber (noismakerification on youtube)

    Anonymous said...

    Loved the craftsmanship of the scoodie/hoodie. Love your videos too as the presentation is different from other youtubers. I'm a huge hello kitty fan but I suck at sewing. Winning this scoodie/hoodie will be like the best x-mas gift. ^_^

    YouTube username - ishika2010

    alyssa fabia said...


    So i just found this while i was looking for some hello kitty ideas to give to my dear friend for the holidays. I stumbled upon this on Yesstyle.com and i absolutely loved it! ^_^' Im not the best at sewing and crafts like that but i'll try. Since im a stalker and all i looked up in all your vids in the tube and watched them all XD. haha love that your giving this a way! :] hugs and kisses from a new member of your fan club!

    Anonymous said...


    I discovered your youtube over a year ago, and I found your DIY tutorials so inspirational and creative. They're super easy to understand. I also love the outfits you show. You have a distinct style and are very comfortable with it (something I wish I had because honestly, I've been unsure of my style for the past half year). Plus, I love all the little origami things you post because I'm an origami enthusiast haha (:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work in making these vids for all of us. And for this giveaway! I'm sure whoever receives the scood will appreciate it so much!

    Stay beautiful and lovely,

    jana said...


    i never thought you would giveaway stuff you made. every time i watched your videos i was lik "aww i just want to grab it out of my pc screen and wear it' but that isnt quiet posiible but now you're kinda doing that just for us!!! i love your videos, keep up the good work and merry christmas to you too (:

    Amber said...

    I thin it is awesome that your giving it away. I am planning on crocheting some scoods in the future and may have to do some vids on how I make them and give some away myself!

    My youtube name is Blacktiggress

    Mandy said...

    Hi there!
    I really loved your tutorial on the hello kitty scood. I've been searching for an awesome scood and I was thrilled when I saw your tutorial. Sadly my sewing machine has recently died and I can't afford to by a new one just yet because I'm paying for grad school
    I would LOVE to win your scood!! SO please consider me~~
    Thank you so much for your videos I think they are all really great!

    <3 Sachikosgrl

    Anonymous said...

    Hi <3 Thanks so much for this giveaway, your tutorials are spectacular. They're so easy to follow and everything you make is ADORABLE! Your creativity is amazing! I love your videos! <3

    Lee said...


    *Belly-button rings


    Erika E. said...

    First of let me just say dat I admire ur creativity. Seriously I wouldn't have a clue on how to start a scood. I'm totally amazed and well I love hello kitty and I saw a hk scood online but wow I can't afford it and well I will definitely try,but let me just say I suck at sewing ): I want to thank you for taking your time a showing us how u made it& also for the giveaway. I look forward to more of ur videos I really love them!
    YT Username: DEEKRAZyONE

    Shantia said...


    I really Love your videos espicially your tutorials and your OOTD I absolutely LOVE your style :)

    Cindy said...


    Hi! Keep up the good videos and your diy's are very creative and interesting. I love your hello kitty scood idea, thanks for the giveaway! Hehe ^^~

    ThisBubbie said...


    That's comment for me to add in since people probably said it already. So <3 Kbye.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jen! I've never entered for a giveaway before so this is neat :]

    Your videos are so wonderful and creative. Anytime I'm feeling blue, doing something creative cheers me up. I also love the music selection in your videos, it's very relaxing ^_^

    Have a happy holiday! Much love!

    - sammyjoyc22

    MintyColor said...

    hiii ~
    i love all of your videos and tutorials because they are all so cute and fashionable, and they make amazing inspirational ideas as well!
    Especially this hello kitty scoody is soooo adorable. thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity!! <3 keep up the amazing work and happy holidays!!
    youtube- mintycolor

    BlacklightPraiser said...

    =^..^= Meow!
    Hello! Your vids are SUPER AWESOME!!! I just totally adore your DIY Hello Kitty Hat! It's Like the CUTEST THING EVER! I SO WANT ONE!!! I Subscribed to your youtube channel and my youtube name is BlacklightPraiser! Thanks and hope to win!

    mippi said...

    Hi jen lam ^.^

    I was always amazed by your creativity with clothes, it's so cool!! sooo..i totally love your personal style, and your videos are made to inspire other people to experiment with their own clothing and to sharpen or create their own style.

    Thank you so much for your awesome videos and giveway :) If you would give it far away here in M'sia, i will really appreciate it! :D

    Anyway, will always support you.. Keep up the good work <3

    Wishing u a merry merrier Xmas!!

    - jess

    Natsumi said...

    Hello Jen,
    Your videos are always creative and inspirational! I love how they are aimed to help us save money and at the same time keeping us fashionable and cute. I always get excited when I randomly see your videos on Yesstyle, but now I am subscribed to your Youtube channel so it is much more convenient to see your new uploads. Thank you very much for making such videos because it is really helpful in this time of year where life is hard.
    Keep up the good work, and hope to see more videos in the future.
    Best wishes,
    Youtube name: nc018

    Anonymous said...


    I love your Videos~ always so inspiring and fun filled crafts ^_^ Keep those videos comin'~! ^_^

    sally said...

    hellos i love watching your videos. you have amazing diys and i think you are really talented. i hope i can win this hello kitty scoop because i want to give it to my bball coach for christmas. She loves hello kitty so much since she was young and up until now. she is in like her third year in college (: anyways i love your videos and thank you for having this giveaway ^_^
    youtube: doITritexD

    sally said...


    TyeDyeOreo said...

    Oh my gosh, I had no Idea something could be made so easily and that is so cute! You've inspired me to try and sew.
    Thanks for bein' awesome!
    SparklesFantastic = youtube account name

    Kikicat13 said...

    YOUTUBE USERNAME: kikicat5
    And I love your youtube vids so much!!! They are new and refreshing because you come up with such original ideas that I've never thought about. I also think I can relate to your sense in fashion? black, simple, etc. Overall, you're so sweet and your vids are too!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! <3 <3

    Carmen said...


    I love watching your video. I learned so much in making pretty accessories because of your videos. Your videos are very helpful and detailed. I think that this giveway is very meaningful because you took time to make it for your subscribers. Thank you for the giveway! =]


    vaaleriele said...

    hey! thank you for this giveaway! i love your videos and you inspire me to do diys :)
    & happy holidays! :D

    YouTube username: aznngirl