my new love...

i have a new tool to create a slight volume, which is pretty long lasting... ^^ it's my new mini crimper. i use it to crimp the part of my hair near my scalp... and have the upper layers covering the crimped hair. the structure that the crimper creates, also makes it possible for me to tease my hair, if needed... i just simply love it.

  • the crimper has ceramic plates for even heat distribution. 
  • it heats up to 200 celcius.
  • it needs around 1 min to heat up.
  • it's small, 15cm only.
  • it has a on/off switch with a light indicator.

other than the fact, that it works on my stubborn thick and heavy hair, i like the crimper because it's small and light weight... and the green tiger print is pretty cute as well.

of course nothing is totally perfect. the cord doesn't have a swivel cord... and there is nothing to keep the crimper closed.

other than that i got nothing to complain, it's cheap and it works ^^

for if you're wondering... the crimper is by the brand remington, and the crimper is called my mini handbag crimper S2950ZB...

and... no this post is not sponsored or what so ever. i bought the crimper here.
i payed € 22,78 incl. shipping. ^^


ShuShu ♥ said...

ooh it looks very cute :3 i also use a curler by remington and i am very satisfied with it *Q* but since my hair is born with a lot of volume :P i am not sure how it would look like if i crimp it..

ShuShu ♥

Jen Lam said...

ahhh you're so lucky with natural voluminous hair ^^ saves a lot of time :)