review alloverpiercings.nl

i've been ordering my piercings from alloverpiercings.nl for a very long time now, i have also recommended people to get their piercings from them.

alloverpiercings (aop) is a great online store for basic piercings... they are nicely priced and have fast shipping. they only ship to the netherlands, belgium and germany though.

what i also like about aop is their fast service. i have to admit they do make mistakes, and i have received the wrong items for several times already. but i can easily mail them, and they reply really fast. and they are always prepared to send you the correct items.

so last time when i ordered, i received wrong items again (that's why i decided to write this post)... i received 2 different length plugs, but both 3.5mm in width. so i mailed them yesterday... i got a reply today, and they just reposted me the correct items... i will also receive an envelope to send back the wrong items... the times before, i could keep the wrong items, but it doesn't matter much, since i can't and don't use the wrong items anyways.

overall, i really like them and i will continue getting my stuff from them...

check out their facebook page too, they have giveaways every week, though i have never joined.

i also get frequently asked about the belly piercings i wear in my ear, i get those from random stores... from piercing shops and also from ebay... i love to shop at ebay ^^

sometimes when i see earrings or pendants that i like, i would just attach that to a piercing bar, to create my own... "be creative with what you have" right?!

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