received yesstyle order (8) part 1

ieee... i found a package when i came home after a really tired and long day of work... it's a yesstyle package... i ordered last saterday and i've already got my package... it's the fastest order i ever had... we ordered only "ready to ship" items... (we = shared order... so a part 2 - men will be coming up soon)

i only ordered 3 things... i didn't feel like ordering shoes, though i did saw some nice pairs...

1. hooded jacket
brand: puffy
size: one size
material: twill
price: 37usd
color: army green

i like this jacket so much... just the style and how it fits... maybe i've said it before, but i'm really into army/olive green lately ^^ love the "belted" detailing on the sleeves and around the lower waist... i love how the sleeves are not too short... it looks just the way i wanted and expected it to be...

too bad this jacket isn't lined... you can see the stitches inside the hood... and plus the material is really thin... so i think i might have to wait a while, before i can actually wear it... even my blazer is made out of thicker material! other thing that i don't like about the hood is, it's shape, it's too "square"... (can't really tell in the first picture though, it's much worse in real...)

2. studded hoody
brand: puffy
size: one size
material: cotton
price: 6usd
color: gray

i just ordered this, because it's soo cheap... and a hoody is always a nice casual item to have... great for layering in the winter... i'm glad it fits well... and the studs are pretty cute, though i'm not a big fan of gold...

what came in as a surprise, is the heart "pattern" or whatever i should call that... i didn't really see that on the pictures... but it doesn't really bother me... ^^ it's still a very nice hoody for 6/7usd...

3. inset ear accent hooded scarf
brand: d.p-shop
size: one size
material: cotton poly mix
price: 27usd
color: black

last but not least... a scoodie... with ears... it's so cute... i actually ordered it, because i really wanted the spirit hood... but was still hesitating about it, because it's so expensive... and i thought this would look really cute with my black all stars ^^ can't wait to wear it out!!

the material is really soft... and i like the ends of the scarf, where i can put my hands in to warm up ^^ i do have to say, the fit of the hood isn't made that well... i don't think it would stay on very long, with the wind we have here... 

this scoodie actually made me order the spirit hood i wanted -_- i ordered a blue/gray wolf spirit hood from ebay... i'm just hoping that i will like the spirit hood as much as i like the scoodie i got from yesstyle... and hope it's actually worth the price... the chi iron and the bag have to wait till my next pay... -_-


Lene said...

Ooh de spirithood is zoo cute, heb em ook een paar keer op youtube gezien :D

bdankt voor t bezoeken van mn blog~

Elisa ♥ said...

i like the studs on your hoodie =D

Jen Lam said...

@lene... ik hoop dat ie in het echt net zo cute is... ^^ same to you, je hebt een leuke blog...

@elisa... thanks... it does makes it a bit less basic :)