no internet!!

:X my internet modem broke down on monday, and i didn't have internet at home since then... luckily i have an internet connection on my phone, so i can at least do some primary things... the mechanic already came by to replace the modem… but we have to wait till monday for the internet to start working again… :X

but luckily… i'm not spending my weekend at home, so now i have a bit time to blog ^^

since i haven't had internet i started watching tvb dramas/series again... well actually just one... gun metal grey... watched 9 episodes already, and i'm liking it so far... love to see how (strange/mysterious) cases get solved... (the only thing that i didn't like so far, was how nancy wu reacted when she found out, that she's actually the daughter of the murdered lawyer-couple)... and what catched my eyes since the very first time i laid my eyes on nancy wu, her boots!! love them... and i want them!!

too bad i don't have a better picture... but they are like (calf) high army boots ^^

another thing about not having internet is... not be able to buy stuff online... i have a weird habit of ordering stuff just before i go to sleep… and i have 2 things on my wishlist that i really want to get... 1 is a bag... (the black studded legend bag) and 2... a new flatiron... well, there is actually a 3, but that will be too much for this months... wonder what it is? a faux fur spirit hood!! <3 they are soo pretty... but the shipping is sooooo expensive -_-

but anyways... it's weekend, and i'm enjoying it so far… yesterday… i had lunch with my bf, shopped with my brother's gf… and had dinner at their place… and today… just enjoying the internet… probably gonna place a new order on yesstyle, which i haven't done for so long… and gonna go watch a movie tonight… and tomorrow… i have an concert on my planning… i'm excited…

hope you too are having a great weekend <3

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