it fell off -_-

can you believe it, my heel suddenly fell off!! it happened right after i've reached my desk at work... -_- i have these shoes for only 4 months :X and i didn't even wore them everyday...

i checked out my shoe after i reached home, and i don't think i can repair it with superglue... the whole sole is getting loose... the funny thing was... i was kicking a plastic thingy on the streets last saterday, and the shoe (my right one) is still intact!! hmmm... i'm also not sure if i'm able to get it fixed... and... would it be worth the money?

guess i'm not very lucky with shoes... another pair... the platforms of my beige/offwhite heels from yesstyle got ripped... but that one was actually my own fault... i fell from the stairs... and the heels actually saved my butt...

hope you all had a better monday!

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