review mijnnaamketting/mynamenecklace part 2

remember my review about the word necklace i got from mijnnaamketting.nl (which is the dutch version of mynamenecklace.com)...

they sell word/name jewelry, in sterling silver and gold. they got different fonts and also different products. bracelets, rings...  and ofcourse necklaces...

last time my necklace came in a small organza bag, this time, it came in a small cardboard box... the lid secures/closes with a magnet. i don't really use organza bags, but this box i would like to use to store the necklace.

in my last review i mentioned how i find the plate pretty thin and that i didn't really like the chains. but... that i did like the look of the plate.

can you see the difference of the plate? the left one is my new necklace, the right one is my older one. this version has the double thick plate!

i ordered this necklace with a figaro chain, which i think look so much better than the box chain. the figaro chain is wider than the box chain, which looks so much better with the rings that connects to the plate.

also... my original necklace was scratched on the back of the plate, this time it's not :) it looks just like how the front of the plate looks like.

difference in price? i payed 29,95 eur for the old one… the new one, is sponsored, but is sold for 39.95 eur. in my opinion, the double thick plate version is totally worth the 10 eur more... i would definitely buy this necklace again, if i can come up with a new word or name...

last but not least... i have a 8% off coupon code for you all... order from mijnnaamketting.nl or mynamenecklace.com and use this coupon: "JenL"

for the dutchies, try "korting" for 10% off.

if you want to know more about how i experienced their service, you can read my first review.

(fyi: this necklace is sponsored by mijnnaamketting.nl, but i did pay for the first necklace from my first review. and again, my reviews are completely honest... i can promise you that. i only agreed to do this review, because i like their necklaces and their service.)

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