the polkedotted green package ^^

that's what i found in my room today...

it's my bag!! (the one i ordered from yesstyle but got canceled.) i just ordered it the past friday night... or so... so the shipping was pretty fast...

and the packaging is so "happy making"... the bag is very well packaged with bubblewrap too... (love bubblewrap!!)

this is the bag ^^

i love the odd shape... it's diamond shaped and it only has one shoulder handle.

i like that it has 2 zipper compartments... and also a smaller one on the front, which closes with a magnetic button.

the extra strap looks nice... but i don't like how heavy the clasps are... and also... it's not a adjustable strap.

that's it... i just simply love this bag ^^

ebay seller: zeejun


Elisa ♥ said...

cute box =D tas ziet er goed uit !

Jen Lam said...

thanks, ik vind em fantastisch ^^