received yesstyle order (5) part 2

finally got the time to take the pictures ^^ and finally a working photoshop :D as promised... the items i got... not much though...

the items i got:

1. zipped hoody
brand: beige
size: one size
material: cotton
price: 55usd
color: black

this jacket looks just as i expected... ^^ it fits nicely and the pockets are great ^^ the jacket got 2 long zippers... one to open the jacket... and the other can act like a pocket... ^^ i can put like my id card or traveling card in there ^^ cause i like to put my hands in the normal pockets, so it's easily to loose things if i keep them in there... :) the only thing is, that the fabric on the back feels really thin... but i guess it's great for this season...

2. biker zip jacket
brand: catworld
size: one size
material: nylon and cotton
price: 25usd
color: black

i like this jacket a lot, it was kind of cheap... and very cute... the studs are nice push-click-buttons... and the zippers on the sleevs are really nice :) the only thing about this jacket is, that's really short... it's like a really cropped jacket... but it looks nice anyways, with a thight and simple little black dress... shorts or just simply jeans ^^

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