received yesstyle order (5) part 1

it's been a while again since i've posted... :X but i've been really busy (i know, i keep saying this... it shouldn't be an excuse)... i finally had time to make videos 11-12 june... while i wanted to record another video on the saterday, after i uploaded my yesstyle tee to loose dress video... my macbook crashed! :O my harddisk died on me, *sobsob*, so i lost everything :( luckily i managed to upload at least one video, which i've spend most time on, before my hd died :X but all the other video's i made that friday and all the not yet uploaded video's... are all gone... -_-

so last tuesday, i got myself a new macbook... (don't get me wrong, i'm not rich, my computer is really like a third hand for me, and i can't work without one... i'm glad my parents are feeding me again, so i don't have to live on breadcrumbles for the next few years)... i still want to fix my old macbook though... i have to buy a new harddisk... and wait for my best friend to install it...

but the main thing of this post... dan dan dan dan... i shared an order again... my items are sponsored... and he paid for his own shirts... yes! i shared an order with a male, so finaly some about male clothes on yesstyle...

in this post i'll only show the items he got, cause i haven't had the time yet to make any pictures of my stuff... and i don't have photoshop installed yet :( so i can't crop, resize and blur out the background... @ home... sooo... a part 2 will be comming up later...

the items he got:

1. v-neck tee
brand: green label
size: L
material: cotton
price: 55usd
color: black

it's a really nice v-neck with details on the shoulder... what he has to say about this:"Beautiful casual shirt. It's only a little bit short...", i have to agree with him... it really is a bit short on him... he's around 175cm. other than that, it fits him perfectly... i measured him before ordering... ^^

2. long-sleeve pocket top
brand: nannom
size: one size
material: polyester and cotton
price: 36.40usd
color: black

it's a long long-sleeve with grey pockets... what he has to say about this:"I like the long loose fit style and the pockets make it a unordinary longsleeve
You can wear it on any kind of occation and combine it with all kinds of other clothing from baggy sweatpants or skinny jeans.", well said... i have nothing to add... :D

more these kinds of post about male clothing will be comming up... :) not sure when yet though...

have a nice day everyone ^^

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