dried out cream liner

i have the benefit ceaseless cream shadow liner (in the color towne car) for the longest time... it has now dried up to the condition that i can't wear it as eyeliner... but now... it's perfect for my eyebrows! (some may know this trick already... but some don't or have forgotten all over it...)

i have really back hair... with just a slight brown tint, only when the sun shines on it... so i find brown tints not so natural on me... i've tried taupes too, but it just didn't work right... until i used black... it's perfect if i do not put it on to heavily...

so if you have a dried out cream liner that fits your eyebrows, try it out, before throwing it away... ^^

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Anonymous said...

aaah very good idea, even if i can't use this trick.. :'3
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