broken item!!!

so i ordered an adjustable double finger ring from ebay, it came in broken due to the lack of care for packaging.

i mailed about the problem and asked for refund. i got an reply from their customer service representative... asking me to send pictures of the broken item. so i did. she replied, and said that according to their returns policy, i have to send back the item for exchange or full refund. so they want to give me an 6usd discount coupon, which only applies on orders above 17usd.

so because of their fault, i have to 1. or use money to send it back to get a refund... or 2. i have to spend more money, to get my value back. to me it's unreasonable... though the ring didn't cost much, it's all about the principles!

it's not the first time, i've received a broken item from ebay sellers, but they were always kind enough to send me back my money, without me sending back the broken item, even without me sending a picture.

so as a warning: please, save some time and don't buy from them (jsbay88), there are many other sellers that sell the same items :)

happy ebaying ^^

edit: i did get my money back when i explained why i didn't find it reasonable, and told them that i would leave a negative feedback if i had to.

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