outfit 2010 04 29

i am wearing:

black tanktop - ? // diy loose off the shoulder top - h&m // black shorts - from hk // polka dot tights - h&m // lace up heels - yesstyle // ring - van liev

i wore this outfit to a dinner with a friend :P we went for sushi ^^ the weather was ok when i got there... but it started to rain when i was about to head home -_- and it was queensnight, so the streets and the station were really crowded...

so yesterday was queensday... haha i don't like queensday at all :X too much people... crazy people, drunk people... but i did have a super nice day... i stayed away from the crowd... ^^

and back to the job i applied for last time... it's actually an internship (don't remember if i've mentioned that)... but i'm starting this coming monday ^^ i'm so excited! :P i will be working 4 days a week... so i will be having enough free time to make video's and other enjoyable things :) i will do a short random video soon... a quick room tour instead of just my wardrobe (my wardrobe is a big part of my room anyways... haha) and some new stuff i got (mini haul)... and something i learned from my brothers gf... (i think that was quite interesting)...

that's all for today... enjoy your day/night... i'm going to have some breakfast :)~

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Anonymous said...

Love your pantyhose,l would like to buy them from you after you have worn them,and the shoes are a turn on as well,makes me hard.