sooo tired...

a lot of things have happened in just one week :x and what i can tell is, that i am back at my parents' place... i brought all my stuff back to my small little room, and now it's super messy :x i try to clean my room for several times now, but with no success... i just don't have enough space! it's just crazy... i got stuff everywhere... my clothes doesn't fit in my wardrobe and i have no rack to put my shoes onto anymore... everyday when i rearch for a new outfit, my room will become messy again... and it's hard to find the stuff i am looking for... just because i am storing my clothing and other stuff in suitcases and bags at the moment... :X i really need to find myself a new wardrobe and a new shoe rack... :X and fast... cause i'm going crazy by having to tidy up and by looking at the messy piles of stuff everyday...

so onto the videos... i was making a diy video just before all the crazyness happened... hopefully i can soon finish that video... i'll try my best and do it as soon as possible... so hopefully my viewers can still enjoy ^^

also someone requested to show more clothing from yesstyle, on how they look in real and how they fit... somewhat like reviews... i always hesitate on these kind of videos, cause most of the yesstyle clothing i have are sponsored... what do you think? would you like to see these kind of videos? (i can promise you that i give an honest opinion ^^)

besides those two i will probably only do ootd vids... cause other vids will take me too much time for now... i need some time for myself for a while... hopefully i can feel much better soon and make more fun video's like before ^^ so please bare with me :X

hope you all have a nice day ^^

i'm glad that there are still people around me that can make me happy :) though i've gone through some awful nights, i still managed to smile, laugh and have fun... thank you all ^^

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Cinderella said...

Vervelende situatie zeg. Gelukkig heb je nu wel een kast waar je je spullen kan opbergen :)

iluvkenzo van youtube