received yesstyle order (2b)

my own yesstyle order... this order, i placed with my brother's gf with our own money :) and we received it a few days ago...

this is her order... i couldn't make better pictures of her clothing, cause i didn't want to put the clothing on... i just made the pictures on the hanger... (usually) clothing looks much better on than on a hanger ^^

and these are my pieces ^^

this was the one i wanted, that's why i decided to share an order with my brother's gf...

it's a really cute vest ^^ i'm so into big sleeves and loose tops at the moment... i didn't like these a few years ago, since i felt big in loose tops... but i don't feel the same anymore! i didn't expect it to be some kind of knit, but i like it... i'm a knit lover ^^ and i love the fact that i can wear it off the shoulder :p

then i thought this would be cute to order too... when i unpacked it, i didn't like it that much... it came with a brooch, and one gem was loose... the funny thing was... i brought my super glue with me! (to repair my torn nail lol) :P so i could glue the gem back ^^ but yea, i didn't like how it looked... until i tried it on ^^ oh and ofcourse it didn't came with the belt... i like it after all haha...

and the last one, this i actually ordered because we wanted to place an order over the 150usd for free shipping :p it's a cute sweater with quilted pattern! and with the emblem, it looks very school girl like... i'm in love with clothing that resemble schoolgirl outfits :p

that's it for now :p i probably won't order clothing anytime soon :x

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